Garden Update

garden wide shot

So, at the beginning of this summer, I was all "Hey I'll just plant a few little things and see how it goes."  (Did I mention that my garden bed is 8 feet by 4 feet?)  Uh, yeah.  I think I planted stuff too close together.  Now it's becoming a little bit, well, unruly... but I guess I should also be proud that it's really taking off!

plants x3

Above, left to right: basil plant - not too close to anything, doing well; cucumbers - trying to strangle everything else nearby; and tomatoes held back by string!

So, note to self for next year: tomatoes and cucumbers grow out, a LOT.  I'm trying to coax my cucumbers up a series of trellises and chicken wire, but we'll see if/how that works out.  And my tomatoes need a good pruning back, but in the meantime I added a string tie-back for all the unruly branches breaking out of their tomato cage jail.  I'm such a noob at this.  Sigh.

close up veggies

Here's a close-up of my radishes growing all monster crazy (not bad for a $1 pack of seeds), and our first banana pepper growing up all weird!  Yeah!

So, I don't suppose any of you are home gardening experts and have any advice for my out-of-control lack of space planning?  If so, feel free.  Thanks!

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  1. It looks like a beautiful garden, Jen! I think it is the ultimate luxury to just pop out to the back yard to get your vegies for dinner!

    1. Aw, thanks! I can't wait to have actual vegetables! Right now it's a big plant-y mess! :)


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