Constructor Craft Fair 2012

Hell Razor Booth

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Constructor Craft Fair this weekend!  We had tons of fun, we met lots of friends, and made many new ones!  I was super excited, of course, because this was my first "official" craft fair.  It all went so so well!  The day was hot, but thankfully, we were under the shady tent and kept nice and (relatively) cool!

me at HR booth

Above - rare recent photos of me at the fair, looking all festive with my overload of Hell Razor flowers in my hair!  I felt the need to explain to a few people that you a.) didn't actually HAVE to wear them in your hair, they have a pin back, too, and b.) they don't need to be worn five at a time.  I just finally had an excuse to go that route.  I love dressing up for stuff.  Below, closeups of the Hell Razor booth!

people shopping

...and shoppers!  Lots of shoppers!  In the bottom right hand corner you can see my family (yep, that's my mom carting Iggy around) stopping by for a visit.  I had so many friends stop by!  I felt very lucky.

banner closeup

Our booth was between two other really talented artists: Melissa Z. Monroe, who creates pottery for the home, and Inkling, which had super cute cards and prints - many with a Chicago theme to them.  Awesome!  I could go on and on about all the other cool vendors, but you should go check the links on the Constructor web site and see for yourself!

I put the Etsy Hell Razor shop on vacation this weekend, but I'm in the process of getting it set back up and re-stocked with goodies!  Snatch up a favorite item now though with a special code CRAFTFAIR to receive 15% off!

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  1. This looks so awesome & fun! I love your creations!

    1. Aw thank you! P.S. I added your blog to my read list! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I own a pair of your handmade earrings myself!


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