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Todd called my nail polish design "Beetlejuice nails" because the black and white stripes reminded him of the sand worm from the movie.  Such a great film, one of my favorites!  Lydia Deetz is one of my possible Halloween costume ideas... not to mention one of my awesome goth idols.

So, I think you're beginning to gather that I'm a big fan of stripes, as evidenced in my last post regarding my new camera strap...

The original basic idea for striped nails came from this post over at the Dainty Squid.  But you can see that I went basic black and white themed with mine.  I also used straight lines (er, relatively) to do my stripes as opposed to Kaylah's slightly rounded stripes.

bottles and nails

Here's the break down: I painted each entire nail alternatingly with either black or white polish.  I let this base coat dry for several hours.  Then, later that morning, I used regular transparent tape to mask off a center line on each nail (I cut the tape down to size using scissors), then painted the opposite color over the whole nail (which created the top and bottom "stripe" that you see here).  I peeled back the tape while the polish was still wet, and here's my slightly imperfect results.

Unfortunately, the transparent tape did peel off bits of polish from the base cost at some parts, so I had to go back with a teeny brush and do some touch ups.  I'm wondering if I should try using blue painter's tape or drafting tape for next round?  Ah, well, nail polish never lasts very long on me anyways, so it's fun while it lasts, and I'm not too picky about making it perfect.

strange and unusual
via Etsy

...Now I'm thinking that I should buy this.

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