Window Shopping

Art Teacher Uniform
Reversible dress, $36 Cardigan, $38 Free People fishnet stocking, $28 Maison Martin Margiela distressed boots, $855 Proenza Schouler genuine leather handbag, $1,812 Joomi Lim stacking bangle, $124 Wildfox Couture long necklace, $60

It's super hot outside the last two days, so I'm spending time window shopping and daydreaming about things that I wish I could wear if only money was absolutely NO object (hey $1,812 handbag!) AND I was a little closer (um, okay, a lot closer) to my WW goal.

Seriously, plus size fashion bites the big one. Torrid used to be a really cool store (I worked there during my first summer of teaching, back when they still had mega cool goth clothes and denim jackets with red furry trim and dickies nurse dresses and cardigans with tattoo swallows and saddle shoes.)  Now they only have skinny jeans and blousy tops with banded bottoms (what?!) and black dress pants for wearing to the "office." Boooooo Torrid. I really have to hunt to find something cool, it's so few and far between. A little while back, they did have a cute retro line that I think had some internet only pieces.

Don't get me started on Lane Bryant either. They're pretty expensive (by my standards) and the designs are lame if you prefer your designs even the slightest bit outside of the norm.

The thing I really dislike is that although I've seen some online options for plus-sized shopping, I hate to order clothing that I can't even try on. Sizing isn't standard for most people, let alone the big gals...

Advice on shopping? Anyone? Anyone?
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Garden Update

garden wide shot

So, at the beginning of this summer, I was all "Hey I'll just plant a few little things and see how it goes."  (Did I mention that my garden bed is 8 feet by 4 feet?)  Uh, yeah.  I think I planted stuff too close together.  Now it's becoming a little bit, well, unruly... but I guess I should also be proud that it's really taking off!

plants x3

Above, left to right: basil plant - not too close to anything, doing well; cucumbers - trying to strangle everything else nearby; and tomatoes held back by string!

So, note to self for next year: tomatoes and cucumbers grow out, a LOT.  I'm trying to coax my cucumbers up a series of trellises and chicken wire, but we'll see if/how that works out.  And my tomatoes need a good pruning back, but in the meantime I added a string tie-back for all the unruly branches breaking out of their tomato cage jail.  I'm such a noob at this.  Sigh.

close up veggies

Here's a close-up of my radishes growing all monster crazy (not bad for a $1 pack of seeds), and our first banana pepper growing up all weird!  Yeah!

So, I don't suppose any of you are home gardening experts and have any advice for my out-of-control lack of space planning?  If so, feel free.  Thanks!

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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

stripe nails

Todd called my nail polish design "Beetlejuice nails" because the black and white stripes reminded him of the sand worm from the movie.  Such a great film, one of my favorites!  Lydia Deetz is one of my possible Halloween costume ideas... not to mention one of my awesome goth idols.

So, I think you're beginning to gather that I'm a big fan of stripes, as evidenced in my last post regarding my new camera strap...

The original basic idea for striped nails came from this post over at the Dainty Squid.  But you can see that I went basic black and white themed with mine.  I also used straight lines (er, relatively) to do my stripes as opposed to Kaylah's slightly rounded stripes.

bottles and nails

Here's the break down: I painted each entire nail alternatingly with either black or white polish.  I let this base coat dry for several hours.  Then, later that morning, I used regular transparent tape to mask off a center line on each nail (I cut the tape down to size using scissors), then painted the opposite color over the whole nail (which created the top and bottom "stripe" that you see here).  I peeled back the tape while the polish was still wet, and here's my slightly imperfect results.

Unfortunately, the transparent tape did peel off bits of polish from the base cost at some parts, so I had to go back with a teeny brush and do some touch ups.  I'm wondering if I should try using blue painter's tape or drafting tape for next round?  Ah, well, nail polish never lasts very long on me anyways, so it's fun while it lasts, and I'm not too picky about making it perfect.

strange and unusual
via Etsy

...Now I'm thinking that I should buy this.

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Treat Yo' Self

purse and strap

I had a goal for myself prior to the Constructor Craft Fair that I wanted to make enough profit to buy myself two new things: a JoTotes camera bag, and a pretty camera strap.  Well, I'm happy to say that I exceeded my goal, and ta da! - here are the fruits of my labor!


I've been wanting a JoTotes camera bag for a long, long time now.  It seems like JoTotes has sponsored every other blog that I read, and they do giveaways every so often.  I think I entered every single JoTotes giveaway I could find, but no dice.  I ended up having to put out the money, which isn't exactly cheap... but the money is definitely worth it!  This bag (called Rose, in sugarplum) is SUPER high quality.  The construction is really solid, it's incredibly roomy, and has both handles and a removable shoulder strap.  Plus, it's one of those purses that comes in its own fancy drawstring sack (in my world, that's a sign of fancy, you know, like bread that's wrapped in plastic twice)!  

You're given a bunch of padded velcro separators to customize the inside of your bag to fit exactly what you need.  In my bag, I put my dslr with the kit lens attached, my telephoto lens, my instax mini, two packs of extra instax film, and an instax mini photo book (the purple thing at the top of the pic on the right above - have you seen these albums from MochiThings?).  And there's still room.

When we went on vacation, I put all my essential purse stuff (wallet, phone, iPod) into a zippered cosmetics pouch and tossed the zippered pouch into whatever bag I was taking that day: my camera bag, the diaper bag, or my "car" bag with books, magazines, etc.  It was a really smart way to travel without having to always carry an extra bag (or two, or three)!


My camera strap took a lot of searching to find just the right one (hey, there's a lot of options out there, and you want to choose the one that speaks to you, right?).  I ended up finding my perfect strap from B&H photo.  The brand is called Capturing Couture, and this design is called "The Rocker" from their urban collection (ha ha it's technically considered the "men's" line).  I knew I wanted a black and white striped strap, and this is the perfect one, men's or whatever...  the end parts are velvet and there's a nice padded section for your neck.  And of course, the best part is that it looks super cool.

Apparently, Capturing Couture also makes camera bags, but they look even more expensive than the JoTotes.  And I love my JoTotes bag the most!

So, although I didn't win any giveaways to score a free camera bag, I can say by my own experience that it is totally worth the money to go out and buy one for yourself!  Anyone else out there own a cute and functional camera bag?  Share!

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Hoppity Hop.

All Things Pretty Blog Hop

I'm trying out something new, a blog hop. Yeah, I know most of YOU are already familiar with it. But not me, I'm like a little old lady when it comes to all things blogging... I take baby steps. But anyway, I joined the "All Things Pretty" blog hop by sharing my post from our Door County vacation. I'd love to get some new blog readers in the process, as summer is the time when I'm most productive and posting the most!

Want to join in on this?  Here is the original post with instructions/details on The Pretty Pinhead.  Add your own "pretty" blog post to the hop!  Take some time then to hop around and read some new blogs, including me! Thanks!

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Vacation Field Trip: Door County

Door County

I just got back from vacation this week.  Todd, Iggy, and I all went with our family (Todd's mom, his brother and sister-in-law, and their two girls) to Door County for a few days.  I had never ever been there before.  It's laid-back and beautiful all along the water.  We did some fun touristy things (mini golf, go-karts) and some hanging out by the water and/or hotel pool.  

Above, you can see a little collage  of "things we did" clockwise from upper left: coffee at breakfast; menu with an odd invite to pray beforehand (that was, um, weird...); knight statue at a restaurant that was too expensive; obligatory tourist t-shirt shop designs; my sister-in-law and her little ones in the water; and the other knight statue from the restaurant (we stopped there but left when we saw the prices).

We also spent time browsing in antique shops!  See some of my interesting finds below, again clockwise from the left: unicorn statue; 1980's plastic post heart earrings (yep, I bought these for $2); carved wooden viking I wish I had enough $$$ and car space for; turquoise pyrex (my fav of all the colors); baby dolls cooking on a kid's stove (I really found them like that, seriously); and another awesome carved wooden statue, again too expensive to actually purchase.


It seemed like a lot of the antique shops were overpriced, in my opinion.  I was able to purchase a set of five melamine cups for my collection, but I'll show you photos of those another day.  I'm in the process of cleaning them up and removing the damn stuck-on labels... sigh...

Oh!  The scenery!  Door County has some really beautiful scenery.  So, without explanation at all, here's a little collage of things we saw:


Pretty cool, huh?  The weather was much cooler than stupid 90 degree heat here in Chicago.  It rained a little, but not enough to ruin our days, and we still got to all of the sights that we wanted to.

Lastly, I can't tell you all about Iggy's first vacation without actually showing you a bunch of pictures of him ON said vacation.  SO I made a mini collage of him, too.


Once again, clockwise from upper left: mini golf at Pirate's Cove; scenic wayside view; chilling in the car seat by the beach; goofing off in the hotel; more carseat fun at a stop in the woods; baby feet at sunset.

He seemed to have a good time.  I couldn't believe how good he was for having to sit in the car for so long there and back.  He still wakes up at least once a night to eat, so I hope that our hotel next door neighbors weren't getting an unexpected wake-up call each night!  No one said anything, so I think we did ok.

Packing up and traveling with a baby was a LOT of work.  Has anyone reading this ever traveled with a baby?  How young, and how did you deal?  I'm interested in hearing your stories!

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House Cleaning Dance Party

My friend Shannon (who has just started her own handmade knits page on Facebook, check her out) regularly posts about her house cleaning dance parties, which has inspired me to go out and buy some serious dance music and take a break from my usual hard rock/metal/industrial diet for a little bit.

In honor of Shannon and her idea, I have created a "House Cleaning Dance Party" playlist for you, designed to make the chore of cleaning your house WAY more fun, as you can shake your bootay whilst doing an otherwise un-fun activity.  Eh, maybe you like house cleaning... whatevs.

Or, to use an Andrew W.K. phrasing, it's way more "party" to clean the house when you have some music to dance to.  Enjoy.



me, on vacation in August 2008

(Admittedly stealing the "Currently..." idea from Sometimes Sweet blog.)

Weight Watchers:
I haven't updated on this topic for a while, mostly because I wish I had more exciting news regarding this.  I did okay for a few weeks and I actually lost some pounds... I hit my 5% goal, which means that you lose 5% from your total weight when you started.  So that's good.  But then, two weeks ago, I gained 3 pounds.  Then this week I gained 2 pounds.  Bummer.  It's not like it was a surprise, since I did absolutely NOTHING to follow the plan.  So that's what I get.

The upside is that I switched meetings from Thursday evenings to Thursday mornings (because I can now that school is out!) and my favorite WW leader runs the Thursday morning meetings.  And so far (three days) I've been on track.  But this week will get tougher, because...

We're going to Door County on Monday for a few days with my family.  I'm excited and nervous.  Mostly nervous because of the Weight Watchers thing.  I don't want to go nuts, I want to stay reasonable, and that can be hard when you're on vacation and want to "go along with" a whole other big group of people.  I'm also nervous because I get "people overload" after a certain number of hours, and I want to make sure that I have some chill time on my own.  Just to cool out and clear my head.

I'm excited about the trip because there's supposed to be some good antique shops.  Hoping to find some new Melmac/Melamine dishes for my collection.  Or some cake plates for Hell Razor displays.

I bought a new book to read while on vacation.  I've already read about it a couple of times on other blogs, so it's probably not "new" to you, but I'm excited to get going on it.  It's "Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting" by Pamela Druckerman.  I think it's going to give me some good things to think about.  For instance, today I gave Iggy some bananas for the first time!  His cereal just looked so bland and gross, I surely wouldn't want to eat that.  And wouldn't you know, he seemed to like the bananas way better... hmm...

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Etsy's new "about" pages!

etsy about page

Just recently, Etsy unveiled new "about" pages for shops. I was excited to go and fill out our info for the Hell Razor shop! Not only do we get the chance to tell the Hell Razor "story," shop owners and designers get to post short bios and include pictures from their shop!

At the very top of the page (not pictured above) is a slideshow of feature photos for your Etsy shop. I used 3 shots so far: one of the Hell Razor studio at our house, one of our booth from last weekend's Constructor Craft Fair, and a shot of our skull decorations in progress.

I think it's a pretty cool new feature on Etsy, and I love the overall look/layout of the page. If you get a chance, stop by and check ours out! Thanks!

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Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

wedding portrait

Yesterday was our 3 year wedding anniversary!  I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the photos from that day.  We had so much fun, and felt so much love from our friends and family!

wedding party
wedding accessories

Its fun to look back and remember all of the good times that we had.  It's also fun to see how far we've come in the past 3 years.  We've bought a house, adopted Motorhead, and had a baby!  Iggy is by far the best anniversary present we could ever hope for!

I'm so very grateful for everything that we have.  Life is good.

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summer cocktail


Last summer (right before I found out that I was pregnant!) I shared a summer cocktail idea that involved Diet Cherry 7-Up and Chambord vodka.  I also learned that I have a tendency to post really lousy photographs on my blog (Seriously, go check out that post.  Can I get some more lighting up in here?).

But this year is something new.  I hereby proclaim this summer the SUMMER OF BLUEBERRY LEMONADE!!!

It's super simple and delicious.  You will need:
  • blueberry vodka, like this one from Smirnoff (about $12 a bottle)
  • lemonade
  • fresh blueberries, for garnish
I get a nice sized glass, like a BIG rocks glass or a water glass.  Here I used a mason jar, like a jelly jar.  I put some ice in and dumped 1 shot (1.5 oz) of blueberry vodka in.  Then I topped off the glass the rest of the way with lemonade.  We like to use the suger-free lemonade packets that you mix into a standard-size bottle of water.  I got two glasses of lemonade from one 16.9 oz bottle, if you're looking for a more "precise" measurement of how much lemonade I used.  Then I skewered 5 fatty fresh blueberries onto a blue (seemed appropriate) plastic drink skewer/stirrer, and stirred.

Voila!  Awesome refreshing blueberry lemonade!  This would be a great recipe for a party, like to make a whole pitcher's worth (make sure it's super clearly marked for adults only!) or for a punch bowl.

It got me thinking how cool it would be to make lemonade ice cubes with fresh blueberries frozen right in them.  What a great accent to a punch bowl for a summer barbecue!

How about you?  Got any fun summer drink ideas?

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Iggy @ 4 months...

Iggy at 4 months

I think I've done a pretty good job of not flooding you with Iggy photos overall, but I haven't done an update since he was 2 months old!  So I think I'm due to overwhelm you with some new photos.  If you're not the baby type, feel free to skip over this post, because there's a lot of photos below!

Iggy pacifier

I had so many photos that I ended up putting them into little groups/collages here that I can break up with commentary.  I can't believe how fast Iggy is growing up - I feel like he's done so much (from a developmental standpoint) in just 2 months since the last time I've posted about him!  In the picture all the way on the left above, you can see our newest fun game, called "Hide the Baby," where we prop Iggy up in the corner of the couch and place the pillow in front of him.  If you peek over the top of the pillow, you can see him grinning at us from behind it!

DJ walker

Iggy has a walker (our house is a ranch style) and his feet just touch the ground, tip-toe style.  But he loves pressing the buttons and hearing the sounds and seeing the lights.  The walker is supposedly a "DJ" style setup, so the photo on the left is especially appropriate.

first time food

Four months is also a time of FIRSTS!  We had cereal for the first time!  A big giant mess was had, but I think Iggy's finally getting the hang of it.  By the way, I love the photo on the top left where he's scowling, apparently at the ring toy that dared to be on the ground, too far to reach...

And, SWIMMING!  Last Sunday we took Iggy in the pool for the first time!  We bought a little baby flotation toy with a sunshade, but he ended up enjoying just being held while in the water the best.  We slathered him up with baby sunblock, and it was a super fun time.  We're going on vacation next week, so it's good to know that Iggy's ok with the water.

first swimming

Iggy is also all about rolling over in every direction: front to back, back to front - he hardly stays still!  That means it probably won't be long until he starts crawling!  Watch out!

By the way, don't you love that photo in the middle above?  A classic illustration of why I prefer onesies over t-shirts at this age.  He kept pulling it up and showing off his little bebe belly!  Hilarious.

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Constructor Craft Fair 2012

Hell Razor Booth

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Constructor Craft Fair this weekend!  We had tons of fun, we met lots of friends, and made many new ones!  I was super excited, of course, because this was my first "official" craft fair.  It all went so so well!  The day was hot, but thankfully, we were under the shady tent and kept nice and (relatively) cool!

me at HR booth

Above - rare recent photos of me at the fair, looking all festive with my overload of Hell Razor flowers in my hair!  I felt the need to explain to a few people that you a.) didn't actually HAVE to wear them in your hair, they have a pin back, too, and b.) they don't need to be worn five at a time.  I just finally had an excuse to go that route.  I love dressing up for stuff.  Below, closeups of the Hell Razor booth!

people shopping

...and shoppers!  Lots of shoppers!  In the bottom right hand corner you can see my family (yep, that's my mom carting Iggy around) stopping by for a visit.  I had so many friends stop by!  I felt very lucky.

banner closeup

Our booth was between two other really talented artists: Melissa Z. Monroe, who creates pottery for the home, and Inkling, which had super cute cards and prints - many with a Chicago theme to them.  Awesome!  I could go on and on about all the other cool vendors, but you should go check the links on the Constructor web site and see for yourself!

I put the Etsy Hell Razor shop on vacation this weekend, but I'm in the process of getting it set back up and re-stocked with goodies!  Snatch up a favorite item now though with a special code CRAFTFAIR to receive 15% off!

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Design Ideas: Small Bathrooms

skull inspiration
clockwise from upper left: bathroom via luxe finds; pink/black bathroom via houzz; sugar skull teacup via tumblr; rug via tumblr; ceramic sugar skull box via amazon; wallpaper via designyourwall.com; bathroom via mydeco blog; black/pink room via tumblr/source unknown

We have a tiny secondary bathroom in our house.  It's right off the front door, and we literally have done NOTHING with it since we moved in over 2 years ago.  It's one of the last spaces in the house we haven't plastered over with our ideas.  That upsets me, and I don't even like to use that bathroom because of it.  There's a creepy shower stall that'll never get used, and it's right next to the toilet so you're really kind of squeezed in (man when I was pregnant I thought I was going to get stuck!).  There's also a small sink.  

Back in the day, it had cool pink vintage tile, but the previous owner put stick on vinyl tile over the tiny pink tiles.  Blasphemy!  Also, they've added a more "modern" (read: boring) vanity/sink/toilet/mirror so the originals are long gone.  

With small spaces, I think it's less intimidating to do it up really extravagant and fun.  I mean, it's small, so you could easily change it up without a whole lotta effort if you decide that you hate it!  The above collage is my inspiration for what I think I'd like to do with it design-wise, one day in my imaginary future when I have the time and money to do it.  It was all inspired by this amazing flocked sugar skull wallpaper from DesignYourWall.com.  Oh, it's only $219 a roll, you say?  Well then, sign me up!

For our bathroom, I'd probably have to gut it and get rid of the shower stall completely, leaving a lot more room to move!  Then, I'd love to cover the walls with the black and plum sugar skull flocked wallpaper seen above.  Replace the existing sink mirror with an Rococo-style black or white framed mirror.  Tile the floors using black and white tile to mimic the zig-zag rug pictured above.  New white sink, maybe some light sconces as seen in the first photo, and then accessorize!  I'd love to install some shelves and fill them with a collection of skulls.  Not hokey cutesy halloween skulls, but awesome creepy goth heavy metal skulls.

My love for extravagantly decorated tiny bathrooms first began when we lived in our horrible, terrible condo building.  We had a tiny bathroom (just a sink/toilet dealie) and Todd decided to paint it RED.  Bright red.  Then, he made an awesome towel bar from a guitar neck to hang our hand towels.  Then we added a giant picture frame with nothing but a big blank white sheet of paper in the middle so that anyone who visited and used the bathroom could make their graffiti mark.  He also kept a cassette boom box (all 80's style) and a small cassette collection next to the toilet - you know, in case you needed some tunes.  Despite looking relentlessly for a photo of this, I'm not convinced we ever even took a picture.  Sad. :(

Another set of tiny bathrooms I've always loved are the bathrooms at Kumas.  The women's bathroom is wallpapered/collaged with pinup paintings (I'm sure it's just images from calendars or something like that, but it still looks awesome).  I considered using this idea for our tiny bathroom, but since it's immediately upon walking in the door, half-naked ladies don't seem like the greatest idea for most of our visitors.  (Yet skulls somehow still seem ok.  It makes sense in my brain anyway.)  The guy's bathroom (I'm told) has tattoo flash collaged on its walls.  The only downside of the Kumas bathrooms is that people have written all over the fantastic collages with Sharpies.  I think it's something they've just embraced at this point though as part of the design aesthetic.  That I'm not so keen on, but hey, to each his own.

Do you have a dream interior design, just waiting for the resources for you to carry it out?  Tell me!

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Hair Inspiration

pinterest hair board
my hair inspiration Pinboard.

I have long hair, and once summer hits, I can't stand having hair all sweaty and plastered on my neck.  So I am always searching for hairstyles where my hair is UP and off of my neck.  Unfortunately, I've also hit that stage where Iggy like to grab and hold onto my hair - but I am determined not to cave and cut it short!  So cute up-do hairstyles are awesome right now.

One of my personal favorite styles is milk maid braids, which I first learned a couple of years ago from The Clotheshorse via this blog post.  However, many of the other styles I've found require some teasing up on top to make them work.  Which leads me to my comb...

My rat tail comb randomly snapped on me last week, so I went out to pick up a new one and found this other awesome comb, especially for teasing your hair!  Check this out:

new combs

I thought it would be especially helpful to have a comb like this for hairstyles like this:

hairdo 1
via source unknown

...or, for styles like this one, too.  This is a screenshot of it below, but it's actually a whole how-to video!  Sweet!

hairdo 2
via Offbeat Bride

I am ALWAYS looking for cute and easy summer hairstyles for long hair.  Please feel free to share your favorites with me in the comments below!

p.s. Have you checked out yesterday's badge swap/giveaway post?  Please consider joining in!

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June Blog Badge Swap & Giveaways!

Hi!  Amanda over at The Pretty Pinhead had a cool idea I'd like to continue on to the rest of you.  If you'd like to swap blog badges for the month of June, I'll post yours here on the Hell Razor blog if you agree to post mine!

Hell Razor Hell Razor Hell Razor

This is open to Hell Razor blog followers via Google Friend Connect or via Bloglovin'.  The requirement for my sidebar is 215 pixels wide.  So, you could choose to have a square (215 x 215) or make a shorter rectangle (215 x 100, for example, but as long as it's 215 wide that'd be cool).

Email me at hell.razor@me.com and I'll post your badge ASAP.  Just remember to send me your badge size requirements (so I can send you a Hell Razor badge) as well.  And be sure to direct it to www.hellrazorart.com!  And if size is no big deal, feel free to grab the button code on my sidebar at any time and post away!

Another idea... do you do giveaways on your blog?  I don't feel like I'm personally "there" yet on my blog, but I'd be open to sending some Hell Razor goodies your way if you're interested!  Again, just send me an email with the deets and I'll seriously consider your offer.  Tell me about your blog and how you think what I make would fit with your readers.  For your time, I'll send you a little something extra as well!  Yayy!

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blue sparkle

I've decided to get back on the Instagram wagon.  Huh, you say?  Well, I had an account, I stopped using the account (mostly dog and Iggy photos anyways), and now I've decided to get back on it.  Only I promise NOT to flood you with dog and Iggy photos.  Instead, it's a good way for me to upload quick shots of what I'm currently working on in the studio.  Right now, that means mostly previews of things I'm making (I've been a busy bee!) for the Constructor Craft Fair.  It's next weekend - eek!  So far, I've got my tablecloths all set, I've made a sweet felt banner, and I'm currently working on my display pieces - like a triptych bulletin board display for earrings and flowers and bows.

So, I'm not only back on the Instagram, but I've opened it up to PUBLIC.  So you don't need permission to follow.  Just do it.  By the way, I'm listed as @hellrazor.

Thanks!  See you soon!

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Learning to draw all over again

blue sparkle

One of the art teachers that I work with gave me a quick Adobe Illustrator tutorial.  We have the software on our computers at school, and I've always felt like I really needed to be taught how to use it better.

...How's this?!

I made a self-portrait from a photo (see below) of myself at a student art show, back before I was pregnant.

blue sparkle

Sometimes you learn something new and you're just really excited to share it.  This is one of those things. I think I'm going to do portraits of the whole family!!!

Have you learned anything new & fun lately?

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