In the garden... 2012!


Check it out!  My first REAL garden!  Last year, we had the backyard sodded, and Todd reserved a little 4 foot by 8 foot rectangle for me to have a garden.  Because it was so late in the year, I didn't really have a lot of time to actually plant anything, but this year I was READY!!!  Todd built me a wooden frame for the garden, and I set aside this weekend, Memorial Day weekend, to finally plant!


I bought my first two tomato plants ever, two banana pepper plants, two tiny cucumber plants, and a basil plant.  Leftover from last year's experiments is my big chive plant (this is after I transplanted it - I hope it survives!) and a parsley plant-turned-giant-bush that I'm attempting to split up.  Again, not sure if it will survive, but we'll see.


Motorhead was happy to help hang out in the yard with us today.  I'm hoping that he doesn't decide to steal the veggies once they're ready to pick.  He didn't mess with my experimental pepper plants last year, so I think we'll probably be ok.  But he did run off with part of the parsley plant after I dug it up, so hmm...


Oh, there's the parsley plant on the left (above).  It's only 1/3 of what was originally growing.  Last year I had it in a pot, and at the end of the summer, I dumped the pot into my untilled dirt rectangle.  This year, it decided to grow back in a major way very very early in the spring.  It was out of control!  So I moved it to the back corner.  I hope it perks back up... In the middle is my cute little basil plant which I am pretty sure based on last year's potted version will probably grow massive style.  So I kept it by the crazy parsley and I figured they could go nuts together.  And lastly, on the right, are my two teeny cucumber plants.  I bought that trellis hoping that they'll get big enough to use it.  Or, get ridiculously big and I'll have to buy a larger one.  That wouldn't be a bad problem to have though, right?

I also have some radish seeds growing in the front of the garden box.  I remember growing radishes when I was younger, with my mom, and how much fun it is to pull them out of the ground when they're ready!  $1.00 for a pack of radish seeds was a good risk, I figured.


Lastly, I do have a small amount of flowers growing in the back.  We're hoping to re-landscape the front yard this year, so I haven't had a lot of flower opportunity until that gets completed.  In the meantime, here are my favorite little pink wildflowers from last year, called "Catchflies," and some purply flowers my brother and his wife gave me for mother's day.  I put them in my rectangle planter and stuck my little solar glow-in-the-dark globe stakes in each end.  That'll do for now.

Side note: I was writing this post and went back to last year's post for information on these little pink flowers, and I realized that this same themed post last year also had a Dio song in the "now playing" section.  Whoa.

What are you growing this year?

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