Dining Al Fresco: A Field Trip!


Earlier this week, Todd and I decided to go to our little downtown area to get dinner.  The weather was so nice, I suggested that we take Iggy in the stroller and sit outside somewhere.  We decided upon Prasino, a yummy eco-friendly (and vegetarian friendly!) restaurant in LaGrange.  Every time I go here I try something new, and it's always been pretty tasty.  I brought my new camera with to take some shots.

father son

Iggy only lasted in the actual stroller for a little bit.  Then he got whiny and I picked him up, but my fish tacos were hard to eat with only one hand free.  So Todd volunteered to take the baby for a bit, and I was able to capture these cute father-son shots.  Notice that Iggy got all dressed up for the evening out... :)


Those shots of Iggy with the wine glass are too funny to pass up.  He looks so fancy.  After dinner, we ordered dessert - carrot cake!  Yum!  Below, Dad and Iggy, playing on their iPhone.  Iggy's starting early...!!!

baby phone

Got a favorite outdoor spot to dine at?  Please share!

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  1. he is so so cute. i love the sock hands too!

    1. Ha! I forgot to mention sock hands! He scratches the heck out of his head, and no matter how much I trim his nails, he still looks like he got into a horrible cat fight! Eek!


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