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Above, left to right: my mom, me, Iggy, my grandma (my mom's mom).  March 2012.

Here's another post that I've been writing in my head for a few weeks now.  That seems to happen a lot... but I feel the need to share with you some of my recent inner brain dialogues, and perhaps shed some light into my lack of any kind of recent outfit posts or things of that sort.

I gained WAY more weight than is considered "healthy" when I was pregnant.  I can try to blame it on the fact that I'm only 5'1" and carried a slightly above-average sized baby... or I can admit that while I was pregnant I ate whatever the heck I wanted, and in whatever the heck quantities I wanted.  I think during my first trimester I existed solely on pasta with olive oil and parmesan cheese, and ramen noodles.  Mmm... pasta...

So, now that Iggy is two months old, and I still cannot fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I am now enrolled in the Weight Watchers program.  I'll also admit here that this isn't the first time I've been a member.  In fact, I've lost weight twice before with Weight Watchers.  I was working on a third time when I found out that I was pregnant and had to quit - until now.  I've never actually hit my goal weight during my previous WW stints, although I got close... but I think I'm determined enough and have what it takes to do it this time.  I think that's why I'm sharing this story with you now.  I'll make it official and I'll have more accountability to follow through on my plans.


I hope so.  Tomorrow is actually my third week at WW since I started.  I had a great first week - a HUGE loss - and an average/ok second week.  This week was two days of Easter celebrations (translation: eating), plus my birthday, which was on Monday (by the way, Happy Birthday to me).  I may not see a loss at all because of this.  Hopefully I don't gain.  I'll keep you updated from time to time, and I know not every week will be successful, but I refuse to give up.

Even though, down the line, another baby will happen and I'll have to deal with the whole gain/lose circus all over again, I'm determined to make it much much easier the second go-round by starting off at a much better place than I did.  Oh, and not gorging myself on pasta.


One thing I've been amusing myself with is taking pictures of my food.  For my birthday, I got the iPhone 4S (much better camera!) and here's an example above.  I made myself a yummy sandwich of marinated teriyaki tofu from Trader Joe's on sprouted wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, dijon mustard, and laughing cow cheese wedges.  It was good and low in points.

Got easy healthy vegetarian recipes for me to try on Weight Watchers?  Lemme know!

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