Spring Cleaning!

bow set 1

In the past week, I've finally started to make some new items for the Hell Razor shop.  I've also begun to re-organize the studio, and I noticed that I had quite a bit of accessories that never quite made it into the store!  So, in an effort to clear out some extra older (to me) inventory (some "spring cleaning" if you will...) I grouped a bunch of extra bows I had into themed sets of two, and marked them at a special low price, usually only $6.00!  So pick up a set while they last.  I'll be replacing these bows with some individually-priced brand new ones in the future.  Above is the "Everyday Is Halloween" set, and below is the "Cute" set of bows.  More on the store - look in the "bows" section to see what's available at any given time.

bow set 2

I also found some hair flowers/brooches that I made a long time ago... in fact, they're among some of the first flowers I ever made!  I plan on selling this group of three (below) together at a special price as well.  I don't usually sell accessories in groups like this, but it seemed like a good way to clear out a chunk of extra inventory at a nice savings for you!

flowers set

Want to save extra?  Don't forget to enter code OHBABYBABY for 15% off at checkout!  Oh yeah!

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