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4 flowers

Just this morning I got the chance to sit down and renew a bunch of Hell Razor etsy listings that had expired, so the shop is more well-stocked than before... I also thought I'd show you some of the new things I've been up to.  Technically, everything pictured here was all done just before Iggy's arrival, but he's hanging out with me in the Lair today, so hopefully there will be some productivity happening.  Yayy!

I made a whole mess of flower pins/hair clips to take with me to Rock Razor Scissors when I went for my appointment in early January.  I hadn't brought presents for them in a long time, so it seemed appropriate.  I also made a special pink and black bow for Stephanie to wear to work at Benefit, since their colors are black and pink.  I paired it up with the pink and black flower, shown above, to give as a (belated) Christmas gift.

bow flower

This past holiday season, I also made a custom pair of scrabble tile earrings!  I made a similar pair once before, and the person I made it for loved them so much, she commissioned a second pair for her daughter to give as a gift.  I chose the vintage yellow sparkle beads since yellow was her favorite color. Pardon the blurry photo, I think I took it with my iPhone...


Something new I've been doing on all of my Hell Razor pieces is to add a cute custom printed ribbon tag on the back with the website!  I had these made in late November/early December, and finally got around to adding them to my finished creations.  This way, if a wearer gets stopped and asked about her flower or bow, it's easy to look and remember where it came from - and to direct new friends to the site!  Fancy!

HR tags

In honor of the arrival of Iggy, and in the name of clearing out some older stock to make room for new, I'm offering a 15% discount at the Hell Razor etsy shop if you enter code OHBABYBABY at checkout!  Sweet!

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  1. Thank you for my bow and Flower! I wore my flower yesterday and got lots of compliments! :) Bow today! :) I LOVE the all black flower you posted!

    1. Oh, you're welcome! I'm so glad you like! The all-black flower belongs to Aga at Rock Razor Scissors. She posted a photo of herself wearing it a while back on Tumblr: http://hellrazorart.tumblr.com/post/15378002109/new-hell-razor-hair-clip-as-worn-by-aga-of-rock

  2. Hey girlie! Ive been gone for a minute... but I'm still reeeeally eyeing that peacock headband... I wanna get it for Gibby for her bday in July... I need to get that.

    1. Now's the perfect time to place your order! I'm on maternity leave from work, so I definitely have the time for post office trips! And don't forget to use the 15% off code!

  3. P.S.
    How do you put the holes in the Scrabble tiles? I need something that drills tiny holes in plastic to make beads...Any tips?

    1. Todd helps me. It's just a tiny drill bit in the electric drill. You might want to try a clamp or small vise to hold the object still when drilling...


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