Baby Room Tour

room 1

Tomorrow is our 1-month appointment at the doctor's office for Iggy.  Can you believe it?  We've made it through a whole month!  So, in honor of this momentous occasion, I bring you the tour of Iggy's baby room... over 9 months in the making!  Our "theme" for the room is black, white, red, and gray.  Good luck trying to find anything at the baby store in those colors!!!  Seriously, why was it so hard to find anything in that scheme?  I searched for hours online before finding the crib set, which is called "Neutron" and made by Sweet Potato by Glenna Jean.

Our design solution was to combine traditional "baby" items with other not-so-traditional decorations to complete the room.  One of our very first ideas was to create a record album wall, using some of our favorite LPs as art.  I also spent serious time online before choosing the perfect mobile - it's by Flensted.  I was tickled to find out that our black and white sheep mobile is also a MOMA item.  How appropriate for the art teacher parents.

album covers

Three of our walls are painted a light gray color, and the fourth wall I striped!  I've been wanting to have a striped wall in my house somewhere for what seems like forever.  The baby room was the perfect opportunity to try this out in my favorite two colors - black and white!  

We kept a twin-sized daybed in the room (which was there before when the room was a spare/guest bedroom) which now operates as our changing table... I did not stage the room before taking photos... you can see our setup in its full working glory!  I need the small faux leather ottoman to sit on while I change Iggy.  My back and legs are still not at 100%...

Another essential item in the room is an old-school style wall-hanging clock, which helps me in the early morning/late evening hours determine how long I've been up, and when Iggy's been last fed.  Also, we installed a shelf on the striped wall to hold all of the stuffed creatures that used to live on the twin bed, and to keep them out of reach of Motorhead... he likes to eat them...

room 2

The white paint from the striped wall was also used inside the closet (see below), where we removed the doors to make more room for storage.  We were then able to put the dresser in the closet nook, and we added more shelves (since baby boy clothes don't really require hanging by a rod the way little girl dresses might...).  This also created space in the corner of the room for a small La-Z-Boy recliner in gray - I was very excited to not only find one with such clean lines and a modern shape, but when we went to the store, it was on sale!

Next to the recliner, we purchased a small nightstand from IKEA to house our other baby room essentials: a small night light/table lamp, a humidifier, the baby monitor, and some kleenex.  When I'm up feeding the baby, the side table comes in very handy as a resting place for my cell phone, a water bottle, or Iggy's bottle while I burp him.

room 3

I'm very proud of the curtains in the room!  I didn't have much red in the room after the crib set, so I was excited to find red fabric (in the discount bin!) at the fabric store that has a small tone-on-tone rounded corner square pattern that vaguely echoes the pattern on the crib bedding.  The curtain rods have clips on them, so my sewing knowledge only had to go so far as to hem a giant rectangle.  That, I can do!

3 panels

Here are some close-ups of the room: our closet shelving filled with baskets and toys, our awesome Crane adorable dragon humidifier (also ordered via the internet), and another pic of my homemade curtains!  

4 close ups

Above, even closer details: our robot dresser decal (purchased via Etsy and applied to an IKEA dresser), dragon smirk, nautical star curtain finial, and handmade sugar skull pillows (a shower gift from my friend Beth).

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What's New?!

4 flowers

Just this morning I got the chance to sit down and renew a bunch of Hell Razor etsy listings that had expired, so the shop is more well-stocked than before... I also thought I'd show you some of the new things I've been up to.  Technically, everything pictured here was all done just before Iggy's arrival, but he's hanging out with me in the Lair today, so hopefully there will be some productivity happening.  Yayy!

I made a whole mess of flower pins/hair clips to take with me to Rock Razor Scissors when I went for my appointment in early January.  I hadn't brought presents for them in a long time, so it seemed appropriate.  I also made a special pink and black bow for Stephanie to wear to work at Benefit, since their colors are black and pink.  I paired it up with the pink and black flower, shown above, to give as a (belated) Christmas gift.

bow flower

This past holiday season, I also made a custom pair of scrabble tile earrings!  I made a similar pair once before, and the person I made it for loved them so much, she commissioned a second pair for her daughter to give as a gift.  I chose the vintage yellow sparkle beads since yellow was her favorite color. Pardon the blurry photo, I think I took it with my iPhone...


Something new I've been doing on all of my Hell Razor pieces is to add a cute custom printed ribbon tag on the back with the website!  I had these made in late November/early December, and finally got around to adding them to my finished creations.  This way, if a wearer gets stopped and asked about her flower or bow, it's easy to look and remember where it came from - and to direct new friends to the site!  Fancy!

HR tags

In honor of the arrival of Iggy, and in the name of clearing out some older stock to make room for new, I'm offering a 15% discount at the Hell Razor etsy shop if you enter code OHBABYBABY at checkout!  Sweet!

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Winter Beauty Haul

nails 1

This is the first time since Iggy was born that I've had the energy and motivation to do my nails.  The fun part is that I got to use my new OPI "Rainbow Connection" glitter nail polish, which was part of the Muppets collection.  I tried to find it in stores when it came out, and asked for it for Christmas, but no luck on either front.  I ended up buying it off of eBay for about $15... yeah, slightly more than retail, but I think it was worth it... ooh... sparkly!

The other motivation for using glitter nail polish was to try a new removal technique I discovered via Pinterest on the Pink Sith blog.  I love the look of glitter polish, but hate taking it off - what a pain!  So this foil technique looks very promising.  The idea is new to me, although seems like it's been around the internet for awhile now...

nails 2

Because the glitter in "Rainbow Connection" floats in a clear base, I used OPI "Alpine Snow" white nail polish as a first (base) coat of only one layer.  It was streaky, but covered up by the glitter, which is used three coats before slapping on a layer of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat.

I think next time I use "Rainbow Connection," I'll try a light pink underneath.  The glitter to me looks mostly blue and green, so maybe a pink under layer will help to bring out those colors and balance it out.

So, in the spirit of last post, where I traveled back in time, I'm going to once again look back to earlier this winter and the Christmas holiday to show you some of the things I was gifted.  The first is this awesome Tokidoki Skate Deck Palette from my brother and sister-in-law, which is an eyeshadow set that's packaged in a carboard box shaped like a long, rounded skateboard deck:


Typically, large eyeshadow sets are not something I'm drawn to because they're bulky and don't fit in my makeup case.  Also, I usually have many similar colors, so they tend to be repetitive.  Surprisingly, I really love this set and have been using it almost daily.  I reorganized my bathroom cabinet earlier in the season, so my makeup is pretty neat and accessible, so the size issue with the palette isn't really a problem at all.  In fact, it's easier to grab and use this set in the morning because it's all in one place.

The other good part of this set is the usefulness of the colors.  I'd say that I regularly use 10 out of the 12 colors in this set, which is a pretty good percentage!  I'm not a huge fan of brown tones, but I have used the beige and gold-ish colors with some pretty good success.  This is one of those sets that I probably wouldn't have purchased on my own, but now that I have it, I'm really happy with it and glad I have it!


My friend Stephanie from Calamity Layne bought me a whole bunch of goodies from Benefit!  Here's a couple of my favorites: "Maybe Baby" fragrance, and glittery hot pink lipgloss with the best name ever - "Back to the Fuchsia!!!"  I've been wearing this lipgloss all day, and despite it's bring hot pink color in the tube, it's actually very toned down and pretty in a subtle way when you apply it.  Me - I'd wear it either way - but that was a nice surprise, and I think it will have mass appeal for many wearers.

betsey too too

In our family grab bag, I was given the new Betsey Johnson "Too Too" fragrance!  I was skeptical about a new Betsey fragrance when I first heard about it earlier in the fall, but I sampled it at my nearby Sephora when it first launched.  Happily, it is a very pretty scent (I was worried it might be too heavy and overwhelming, but no) and it comes in this outrageous torso bottle with a giant pink tutu.  The bottle design makes applying the scent a little awkward (I have to scrunch up the tutu in my palm so the fragrance hits my skin as opposed to the tulle), but worth the hassle.   Plus, it looks pretty on the counter with the rest of my fragrances.

Having a baby means not having so much "fun" money to buy myself new makeup and beauty items as before, but I still like to treat myself every so often.  There's a new Urban Decay black eyeliner pencil (Perversion - blackest black matte!) I'm really looking forward to trying, and I am in need of some new Make Up For Ever primer, so that's what's in my immediate plans for cosmetic purchases.  

How about you?  Got anything new and exciting to try or share?

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The Baby Shower

invite cake

For a long time before Iggy was born, I was unable to post on the blog due to some major raging painful carpal tunnel.  Unfortunately, I still have some of it existing in my right hand, but it's not as bad as before.  I can still do some tasks for short periods of time.  So, slowly but surely, I'm going to give you some of the posts that would have been done if I had been physically able to.

So let's start with the baby shower!  As you can see from the photos below, our shower was on December 4, 2011 - a little over 2 months ago.  Our moms held the shower at a local restaurant in a banquet room.  I remember the food was really tasty - we had pasta with veggies, and chicken with potatoes.  Todd's mom brought the cake for dessert.  Our moms chose a traditional blue color scheme for the shower, and used it on the invites, favors, and cake design.  I was very grateful that our moms took on this large task of shower planning and organizing for us!

4 pics

The shower favors were tiny metal tins (see above) that we filled with pastel-colored dinner mints (These are instagram photos, so the colors are a little washed out for "effect").  My mother-in-law is quite the scrapbooking enthusiast, so she was excited to use her tools and talents to create the favor design and invites.

2 pics

The amount of gifts was unbelieveable!  It seemed like it took hours to open them all!  Everyone was so extremely generous.  To top it all off, my mother-in-law had already bought us the crib and mattress, and my mom bought us a travel system: baby carrier, stroller, and car-seat base.  Check how excited Todd is to open up tiny overalls!

opening gifts

Here's the best "pregnant" shot you'll probably ever see of me.  My dress barely stretched over my belly, even though (little did I know that) on December 4th I still had almost 2 months left to go!

Opening all of the baby clothes was fun.  You could tell how well someone knew us by what kind of clothing they had picked out.  Skulls?  Yes, please!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

decorations 1

Happy Valentine's Day!  I had major plans for decorating this year, especially since I had so much time prior to the holiday, waiting for baby, I even made myself a Pinterest board with tons of ideas.  Then after all the baby business, I kind of ran out of time... so here's what I actually did do... I bought a cute table runner with hearts and a couple of cupcake dish towels from HomeGoods, one of my favorite home decoration stores.  I had my bulldog candy jar from last year's Target line for Valentine's day, so I filled it with some peppermints (had 'em left over from my pre-baby coughing fits when I carried them around all the time)!


Here's my cupcake dish towels from Home Goods.  You can see, they've come in quite handy for washing baby bottles and other baby accessories.  

I had so much fun picking out Valentine's Day cards this year, especially one from Iggy to my husband, and then surprising him with it this morning!  I also bought Todd a bottle of his favorite cologne, Narciso Rodriguez, and a pair of tickets to see Andrew WK in March!  Totally excited for that show, since neither of us has ever seen him live before, but always wanted to.


The best Valentine's gift of all, of course, is our new baby.  I just framed this awesome photo from his hospital shoot, where he was only two days old!  I think I'm going to find a place to put it in the living room.  I also ordered a bunch of smaller photos for our photo wall in our living room (hmmm mental note... do a blog post on that one day...) I love these simple IKEA frames, especially since I have a mat cutter and I can custom mat anything to fit the frame - it always makes the final picture look extra fancy.

baby photo

Today Iggy is actually two weeks old!  Tomorrow we'll go for our doctor appointment for a regular check up.  Look how adorable he is, sleeping so peacefully!


Happy Valentine's Day!  Did you get anything special?

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For Christmas just this past year, I surprised Todd with tickets to Gigantour.  The show was on Friday, February 10th at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.  At the time I purchased the tickets, I figured that the baby would be 2-3 weeks old already, and I'd be feeling good to go.  Little did I know that baby Iggy had other plans for me!

Even though Iggy was born only 10 days ago, I decided to go ahead and go anyway.  After securing my mom as a sitter for the evening and putting on my most comfortable (albeit ugly) gym shoes, we were ready to go.  Gigantour has four bands on the bill: Lacuna Coil, Volbeat, Motorhead, and Megadeth.  I like three out of the four bands on the bill, so that's a pretty good reason to go - plus, Lacuna Coil was playing first.  We decided to just show up late to enjoy the other three.  Awesome.

Of course, after an unseasonably mild winter, Mother Nature decided to bombard us with some snow earlier in the day and into the night... the one day we decide to venture out!  But we sucked it up and sat patiently through traffic, even paying $20 to park directly across from the venue, as opposed to driving around to find a side street in the snow.


We got there just in time for Volbeat to start their set.  It's hard to say who I enjoyed the most out of the three bands, but I do love Volbeat a whole lot.  They're a metal/rockabilly band... an unusual combination, but it's two of my favorite genres, so it's right up my alley!  We saw Volbeat perform once before, when we went to the House of Blues to see The Damned Things, so we knew we were in for a good set.  We were right.

By the way, these shots are from Todd's iPhone... it's hard to get good concert shots, and his camera is slightly nicer than mine (he has a 4G, as opposed to my 3Gs) so I let him do the photo work, while I just tried to find a spot where I could see between the shoulders of the people in front of me.  It sucks to be 5'1" at general admission shows.  Boo.  


After Volbeat was Motorhead - who we have also seen perform once before, also at the House of Blues.  I always bring earplugs to concerts, but it's extra important at a Motorhead show.  See that wall of Marshalls?  Yeah, that's why!  FYI - Lemmy is the shadowy figure under the spotlights in the picture above...


Lastly was Megadeth!  Todd had not seen a Megadeth show before, but I have seen them once before, long ago.  I was in college and it was during the Cryptic Writings tour - coincidentally, also at the Aragon.  I was really excited to see them again, and to see Todd's reaction to the show.  Dave Mustaine puts on a good show.  I was thinking before the show about what songs I'd like to hear during the set, and my #1 pick was Trust off of Cryptic Writings.  They opened their set with it!  Woo hoo!

Megadeth Vic Rattlehead

Then, during Peace Sells, Vic Rattlehead walked out onto the stage!  I probably would have missed it completely, except that Todd's a good foot taller than me and saw him walking out and immediately pointed him out to me.  If you look carefully, you can see him center stage in the photo above.

Megadeth has such a huge catalog of incredible songs that they have some songs they have to put into the set, like Hangar 18, Symphony of Destruction, and songs off the new album, Thirteen.  It pushes the odds of hearing your other favorites back a bit.  I was a little sad to not hear Sweating Bullets or The Right to Go Insane, but the show was great regardless.  You can see the full set list on the Gigantour page here.  

I think Megadeth might be in my top bands I've ever seen live.  If you get the chance, go!

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Presenting: Iggy Victor!

iggy 1

Our beautiful baby boy - Iggy Victor - was born on January 31st, 2012 at 3:33 pm.  He was 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and was 19 1/2 inches long.  Iggy was born 8 days after his due date!  We are so glad he's finally here.  "Iggy" is not short for anything (people have asked), and "Victor" is Todd's father's middle name.  It sounds good together though, right?  We like the Iggy reference to music, of course, but choosing a name that was somewhat left of center while still being a recognized "name" kept the families from wigging out.  For us, it was perfect.

iggy 2

I won't totally bombard you with photos (yet), so I picked a small group of five to share right now.  I love this one above with Iggy and his dad.  Then, some close-up cuties!

iggy 3
iggy 4
iggy 5

Iggy fell asleep on me today while we were watching The People's Court.  It's nice to finally have him here with us, and to be home and (trying) to get back into some sense of normal-ness.  Being that Iggy is our first baby, our idea of "normal" will be vastly different from what we knew before, but I'm excited for the possibilities.

If the thought of being bombarded with baby photos doesn't make you gag, follow me on Instagram to see more Iggy pics!  I'm "hellrazor."  For right now it's a private account, so send me an email or make sure I can see who you are when you request me so I'll accept it!

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