A Quick Check-in...

39 weeks, 1 day...

Well, no baby yet... I'm terribly bored right now - I can't type much on account of the carpal tunnel, and I can't get up and do much of anything since my doctor put me on bed rest due to high blood pressure last Friday.  I'm just sitting here, feet up on the recliner, watching really bad TV, and getting up every 10-15 minutes to pee.  Fun.  I've also been instructed by my doctor to seriously restrict my salt intake due to some major swelling, so I can't even entertain myself with yummy food or take-out.  Bummer!

I just wish this baby would hurry up and get here!!!  I want to have normal person abilities again!!!

But Todd (and the rest of my family, friends, and coworkers) have been really supportive.  Last night, Todd and I were joking around about timing contractions (whenever it is that they decide to finally start coming) according to heavy metal songs.  He even made me this chart:

blue sparkle

I love that even when I'm feeling really down, Todd can still make me laugh.  I'm picturing the doctor right now when I call on the phone...
Doctor: "How far apart are your contractions?"
Me: "Well, they started out at Rush, but we've progressed to an Iron Maiden at this point."


now playing:
Killers - Iron Maiden
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