Field Trip: Harley-Davidson Museum

HD Museum

On the second day of our Milwaukee family trip, we visited the Harley-Davidson Museum.  They have motorcycles on display from every single year since they first started manufacturing bikes!  It was awesome.  I have way too many photos to share them all, so here's just a couple faves:


Besides motorcycles, there are other fun things to see and do.  Below, a cutout of Evel Knievel provided much entertainment.  Leather coats and other motorcycle paraphernalia were all over the place.  There were even little computer stations that you could sit at and custom design your own Harley Davidson bike!  I bought a sticker with my design on it.  It had charcoal grey glitter paint, a white seat, and white saddlebag.  Awesome.

Todd's Face
leather jacket

At the very end of the museum, there are a whole bunch of bikes bolted to the floor for visitors to sit on and try out.  It was a little dark in here, but I snapped this photo of Todd.  He, in turn, took this photo of me on a vintage Harley-Davidson scooter, looking angry and mean.  Get outta my way!!!

motorcycle ride 1
motorcycle ride 2

After the museum, we stopped at Motor bar and restaurant for dinner.  I had some super yummy mac and cheese with a virgin bloody mary.  Mmmm... anything cheese in Wisconsin always tastes better, right?

motor restaurant

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  1. Sounds like you had such a good time. I love Harley's. I want one, but my boyfriend is too scared of bikes lol. I love that jacket too, sexy!

    You've won an award, http://cherrynekostw.blogspot.com/2011/11/i-won-award.html <3

  2. @Cherry - Ooh, an award, thank you! I'll have to see if I even know enough bloggers to pass it on!!! I'm such a slacker...
    The funny part of our Harley-Davidson story is that Todd and I BOTH have our motorcycle license, but don't even own a bike... wah wah! Nerds.


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