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A friend of mine (who also happens to be a parent of students I teach/have taught!) sent me the cutest baby gift, hand-made by her: a fleece owl plush that matches perfectly with our baby's room color scheme!  Did I mention before that it's black, white, gray, and red?  Well, now you know.  I'm not quite ready to show you photos of the room yet, but we did do some major painting work a couple of weekends ago.  It feels like there's still so much to do!  My biggest issue right now is finding a cute black, white, and red crib bedding set.  I have one in mind, but unfortunately it's not available through either of the places we've registered at... I think I'll have to save up some money and buy it on my own.

Anyhow, this cutey little owl can be purchased at the Wimsys shop on Etsy, along with a ton of other super cute plush creatures.  I really love how Claudia combines prints and colors into the most fun designs.  I actually own another one of her creations (a skull!) and my mom purchased one from her last year (a cicada), so members from my whole family are big fans of her work.  You can also "like" her page on Facebook here.

wimsys screenshot

Spread the love and share Wimsys with your friends!  Thanks!

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  2. how gorgeous! i love it! you are so lucky!

  3. Thanks Donna! I feel pretty lucky, too!


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