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Todd and I have always been huge fans of the Walking Dead, long before the television series.  We've read all of the comics, up to the present, and were really excited for the first season of the show when it aired.  Although the storylines of the comic series and television series have differed greatly, we still have enjoyed watching the show.

To promote the new season (starts Sunday!), the Walking Dead Facebook page has a zombie avatar creator where you can design your own zombie.  I love this kind of thing, and was extra excited to see an option with PURPLE HAIR!!!  So, here's Todd and I as zombie cartoons.  Then again, you can see Todd as an actual zombie in last year's Halloween pictures... we like zombies, ok?  

In other Halloween news, my tights and sweatshirt have arrived for this year's costume!  I'm looking HUGE, but it'll be funny (and super comfy, actually!) nonetheless... we're having a party at our house, so I hope to take lots of really fun photos to share afterwards.

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  1. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen and I am totally going to go zombify myself after this!

    Also I am super excited to see your Halloween costume when it's all done! :)


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