If I wasn't trapped in maternity wear...

Winter Daydreaming

...I would be wearing this stuff.  Or, at least, less-expensive knockoffs of this stuff.  But I'm daydreaming, so I'll go BIG.  But, in a perfect world, this is my style.  Do you see a theme?  I'm not exactly typical fashion-blogger or vintage-wear material.  Inspired by, perhaps, but more metal, more goth... how would you describe it?

Anna Sui flower print dress, $158
Miss Sixty black jacket, $156
L A M b, €389
Opaque hosiery, $12
Ash black mid calf boots, $429
Betsey Johnson studded handbag, $279
Tarina tarantino jewelry, $35
Jo Gordon striped glove, $100
Tarina Tarantino sparkly hair accessory, $70
Betsey Johnson plastic shades, $95
FULL TILT Crochet Back Girls Wrap, $20
Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Anywhere Clip, $45

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  1. loooove this whole set! i wish i didn't look like a pasty ghost in black :(


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