Happy Halloween!

pumpkin 1

Happy Halloween!  It just occurred to me that I haven't, er, been writing here for a while.  I guess life got in the way... Anyhow, I do have a bunch of fun posts to share with you - starting with these photos of our pumpkins from this year.  My pumpkin was inspired by Todd's "King Diamond" halloween costume this year.  But photos from that (and the party last Saturday) are coming soon...!

pumpkin 2

There he is, all lit up and spooky-like!  ...and here's Todd's pumpkin creation:

pumpkin 3


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If I wasn't trapped in maternity wear...

Winter Daydreaming

...I would be wearing this stuff.  Or, at least, less-expensive knockoffs of this stuff.  But I'm daydreaming, so I'll go BIG.  But, in a perfect world, this is my style.  Do you see a theme?  I'm not exactly typical fashion-blogger or vintage-wear material.  Inspired by, perhaps, but more metal, more goth... how would you describe it?

Anna Sui flower print dress, $158
Miss Sixty black jacket, $156
L A M b, €389
Opaque hosiery, $12
Ash black mid calf boots, $429
Betsey Johnson studded handbag, $279
Tarina tarantino jewelry, $35
Jo Gordon striped glove, $100
Tarina Tarantino sparkly hair accessory, $70
Betsey Johnson plastic shades, $95
FULL TILT Crochet Back Girls Wrap, $20
Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Anywhere Clip, $45

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Manicure Monday: Pink Leopard

pink leopard 1 week

This week's "Manicure Monday" is actually last week's nails... got real busy last week, sorry 'bout that.  The incredible thing is that this polish has actually held up the best of all my recent looks so far.  These two top shots are from today - 1 week after I actually applied the polish.  Yeah, if you look closely, you can see how my nails have started to grow, and you can see some chipping at the tops, but not bad, huh?

Below are some shots from earlier in the week - I've been really enjoying the Hipstamatic iPhone app for photos, so I took these shots using my phone:

pink leopard hipstamatic

The look was surprisingly easy to achieve.  Now that I've mastered the concept of using a tiny brush (see flower tree nails), this was pretty simple: 

  • Two coats of OPI in La Paz-itively Hot (or any bright pink color, really!) 
  • Use the tiny brush to draw amoeba-like U and V shapes with your black polish (Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 430 Black Satin). 
  • Clean the tiny brush, then to make dots of white inside the U and V shapes (OPI in Alpine Snow). 
  • After polish has dried, apply your favorite clear topcoat for durability! 
  • Show off your awesome new nails.

  • pink leopard polish

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    The Walking Dead


    Todd and I have always been huge fans of the Walking Dead, long before the television series.  We've read all of the comics, up to the present, and were really excited for the first season of the show when it aired.  Although the storylines of the comic series and television series have differed greatly, we still have enjoyed watching the show.

    To promote the new season (starts Sunday!), the Walking Dead Facebook page has a zombie avatar creator where you can design your own zombie.  I love this kind of thing, and was extra excited to see an option with PURPLE HAIR!!!  So, here's Todd and I as zombie cartoons.  Then again, you can see Todd as an actual zombie in last year's Halloween pictures... we like zombies, ok?  

    In other Halloween news, my tights and sweatshirt have arrived for this year's costume!  I'm looking HUGE, but it'll be funny (and super comfy, actually!) nonetheless... we're having a party at our house, so I hope to take lots of really fun photos to share afterwards.

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    Weardrobe Memories...

    Today, I received an email from Weardrobe that said "If you would like to download your photos from Weardrobe, please do so before October 14th.  At that time, Weardrobe will be replaced with Google Product Search."

    ...hmm... that's kind of sad.  Before I started this blog (from Nov. 2009 to March 2010, to be exact), I played around a little with a Weardrobe account. I was really shy about sharing my outfit shots, but I figured the anonymity and virtual unknown-ness of Weardrobe amongst my friends, family, and coworkers made it okay for me to try it out in relative safety.  I had a lot of fun trying to take my own photos using a tripod and self-timer (for the most part).  It was tricky to take some of these shots at work without someone looking at me like I was a lunatic, but the settings often paid off in the form of some fun and interesting backgrounds and angles.

    Since my old Weardrobe account will be gone for good, I thought it'd be fun to get all nostalgic and check out my photos from back in the day...

    weardrobe collage 1

    In my first photos, the pink/blond hair was actually a faded experiment with red, but I had had a blond streak long before that (I even got married with a bright blond streak).  Then I went all the way to the other side of the spectrum and went all over near-black with blunt bangs, a look I still really love today, only I've since added my purple to it.

    Pardon my lack of nice Photoshop collage-making skills.  Some of these photos had a white border, some didn't... I was kind of lazy in my assembly here...

    weardrobe collage 2

    The shot with the red lockers is one of my favorites.  I used to take my photo using my regular digital camera, then email it to me on my iPhone.  I'd use TiltShift Generator to vignette and boost the color, and then Photogene to add a white border around the final photo.  That was my favorite way of processing the photos, but some of these are just standard shots, too.

    weardrobe collage 3

    When taking photos got to be a major process, I would cut corners and shoot at home.  We were living in a horrible condo situation (not even worthy of words here) but I used the spare bedroom as a backdrop (hence the white closet doors/full length mirror shots), with the exception of the middle photo on the bottom row.  That photo was the last one I ever posted to Weardrobe, and was taken in a spare bedroom at my mom's house when we briefly stayed with her for a couple of months before moving into our home now.

    Mostly right now, these photos make me sad, because I'm not cute and little like I was in these shots.  I feel huge and unattractive.  Being pregnant is taking a toll on my self-esteem, I won't lie.  I have a plan in place to get myself back together once the baby comes, but in the meantime, I'm still over three months away.  It's hard.  I have trouble sleeping.  I'm uncomfortable a LOT.  I know some women absolutely love being pregnant (and it does have some good points, don't get me wrong, mostly the little guy we'll get in the end!), but it's really kind of messing with my brain and my self-image.

    So, look at these pictures and think of me as cute and little for now, ok?  Thanks.

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    Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots


    I have a hair powder addiction...

    My number one most favorite beauty product would have to be hair powder. It's a relatively new trend in hair products, but I'm not sure how I lived without it before! My first purchase was an Oscar Blandi dry shampoo/powder from Sephora a couple of years ago... I was trying to find a solution for my oily hair that needed washing every single day.  Although it wasn't bad, it didn't solve my problem.  I then resorted to using regular baby powder in my hair for awhile, but it made my hair look gray.  I think it was also clogging my hair follicles... anyway, my hairdresser used to scold me for that.

    Here are two other options I've tried:

    hair powder 1

    #1 - Tresemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo - I still use this spray-on style hair powder to dry out my bangs between shampoos when they feel oily.  I spray the underside of the bangs, let it sit a little to absorb, and then brush it out.  Usually does the job for light applications.

    #2 - Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder (black) - This powder was recommended to me when I was going through my baby powder phase and was turning my hair whitish-gray.  This spray powder reminded me of the colored hair spray you can buy at Halloween to make your hair mildly orange or fluorescent pink or green... if I touched my hair after spraying it on, my hands got powdery black.  It flaked onto my clothes, and you can't rest your head against pretty much anything if you use this.  I wasn't a fan.

    When I first started going to Rock Razor Scissors, Megan introduced me to the small, shake-on containers of hair powder... otherwise known as HAIR CRACK.  Once I tried this, I knew there was no going back.  My all-time favorite (and still up at the top of the list!) was Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust-It Powder, but the downside is that you have to buy it from a salon (it'll run you around $20 for a small bottle, unless you buy it from Amazon, possibly in a multi-pack).

    Last week, I ran out of my favorite Schwarzkopf powder... but luckily, I had an appointment at the salon, and Megan turned me on to my NEW favorite hair powder:

    hair powder 2

    #4 - Got 2b Powderful Volumizing Styling Powder! - Look closely at the package... it's made by Schwarzkopf!  And it's only around $5 for a bottle, and I bought it at Walgreens!  Woo hoo!  You've GOT to try this, I absolutely love this product.  I use it after washing and drying my hair, and I can go two days (sometimes three...) without having to wash again.  This is a blessing for girls with purple (or other colorful dye shades) like me, because every time I wash my hair, more color washes away.

    Here's how I use the shake-on powders: I part my hair down the center and shake powder along the part.  I then create two additional parts on both the left and right sides, in equal sections, and shake powder on those parts.  I then pull my bangs back, and comb a tiny line of hair forward... shake powder along this horizontal "part," and then use my hands all over my head to shake and massage it all in!  Give yer hair a quick brush, and you've got two days of goodness ahead of you!

    Here's a quick overview of the other two powders pictured:
    #3 - Big Sexy Hair Powder Play POW - is a volumizing and texturizing powder, similar to other hair powders, but I just felt like it was too weak for me.  I keep it around for back-up when I run out of the good stuff.  It usually only gets me a day's worth of good hair though... doesn't have the staying power I prefer.

    #5 - Ulta Ultimate Styling Volume & Texture Hair Powder - This product was one that I picked up, hoping that it might be a little stronger than the Big Sexy Hair product listed above.  It ended up being about the same... so not so bad, but not so fantastic, either.

    So, in conclusion, I consider myself to be kind of a connoisseur of hair powders, seeing as I've tried a whole mess of them!  Hopefully, my advice has inspired you to try a new product and maybe even develop a new addiction of your own!

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    Manicure Monday: Flower Tree Nails


    This week, I decided to try something really new... maybe something more advanced.  So I took out this brochure I had picked up at Sephora over the summer, and was browsing for ideas using stuff I already had at home.  I found a little how-to for embellished nails using crystal flowers, and I thought to myself, "hmm... I can do something like this..."

    nail guide close-up

    I would need a teeny tiny brush for the lines, and since I have a TON of art supplies in the studio, I was able to pretty quickly dig around and find a ridiculously small brush.  But I didn't have any crystal flower gemstones/embellishments... but I DID have some leftover flowery decal stickers that my friend Beth gave me for my birthday earlier in the year...

    I was having my hair re-dyed purple the next day, so I knew my base coat had to be purplish, since my nails get tinted in the shower when I wash my hair if they're painted anything "light."  So, here's what I came up with:

    nails 1
    nails 2

    I was a little shocked at how my ridiculously tiny brush still produced somewhat thick lines on my nails. Maybe I just need to practice more?  Or thin out my polish with a little remover?  Or water?  Can you do that?  The decals worked out better than I imagined, although I doubt they'll last the week, with all the hand-washing I do in the sink at school.

    Here's the details:

    • Zoya polish in "Caitlin" - 2 coats
    • Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in "430 Black Satin" - 1 coat using tiny brush to create branches
    • Sally Hansen clear polish topcoat - 1 coat, touched up two days later with another coat
    • Random nail decal stickers

    polish & brush

    If you're interested in my super teeny brush, I think it's from way back when I took a darkroom photo class and we had to buy these teeny brushes for touching up photos (I don't think I ever even used it).  It's even smaller than a size 00 paintbrush...

    But now that I've mastered the idea of tiny brush decorating, I have bigger, better ideas for next week.  So watch out.  By the way, sorry I've been kinda slacker on the blog.  This Monday post is rather late in the evening, and I seem to only squeeze out a couple of posts a week.  It's better than nothing, right?  So thanks for hanging in there with me.

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