A unique wrapping idea.

rip it up

Yesterday, you got to see Sam's donut birthday cake.  Today, I'm going to show you part of his birthday gift, and our unique wrapping idea.  This is a Kiss "Lick It Up" album that we altered to make it look like my brother was in the band (the whole story behind it is kind of an inside joke - it would take too long to explain here, but still a funny image nonetheless)!

Sam usually wraps his gifts in some interesting choices - aluminum foil, newspaper, or plain paper decorated with sharpies.  In order to surprise Sam, Todd and I were trying to come up with a unique idea that hadn't been used yet.

Todd's suggestion... duct tape!

duct tape supplies

To make your own duct tape wrapping, you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • A roll of duct tape
  • Icky wrapping paper or newsprint/roll paper, to use as a backing

in progress
duct tape sheet

I used leftover Christmas paper as a base, cut to exactly the size I would need to wrap the gift.  I then stuck duct tape in long strips to cover the wrapping paper, allowing for a little overlap.  My finished duct tape "sheet" was the perfect size to wrap around the frame.  I folded over the ends and secured them using - what else?  Duct tape!

wrapping 1
wrapping 2
duct tape package

I then repeated the process for a second package (an action figure and gift certificate, if you were wondering!).  I then used duct tape to attach the two packages together, criss-cross ribbon style.  When it was finished, the stack of gifts looked a little too plain, so I decided to make a bow:

bow 1
bow 2

The whole bow was actually pretty simple.  One long strip of duct tape, folded in half lengthwise.  I then cut the long strip into two.  I made a loop with one piece, and folded the remaining piece into a "V" shape.  The loop was made into the bow part with a small piece of duct tape, and by layering it over the "V," poof!  A bow is made.  Cut the ends of the tails as you see fit (I like a "V" shape), and attach it to the package with more duct tape.

finished package

Yayy!  A finished gift, all wrapped up in duct tape!  You can probably bet yours will be the only one like it at the party, and it makes for great conversation, no matter what you've packaged inside.

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  1. Hah great idea, i love the album cover! I once photoshopped my best friends face onto a harry potter movie poster and made it a card. Everyone got a good laugh out of it :)


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