If You Can't Take A Good Picture, Take A Bad One On Purpose.


Last night we went to a wedding that had a photobooth.  Our wedding was over two years ago, right about the time the photobooth "trend" started.  I think they're really fun, but I'm always a little weird about not wanting to use the props.  I think I'm germaphobic.  Too many drunkards breathing on them.  Or maybe I'm just mad that I can't drink right now.  In either case, we had a lot of fun, and here is our spin at the photobooth machine.  It's also the first peek into my pregnant roly-poly self.


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  1. you look gorgeous and i loooove photobooths!!!

  2. Well don't you look fab in all your pregnant glory!!! Brilliant pictures too, the first ones all awwww then the third ones all RAAR! You metal heads! haha

  3. Thank you ladies! Maybe I'll become a little more bold about posting photos of myself again soon...!


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