DIY Donut Cake - Heavy Metal Style

Yesterday was my brother's birthday.  He turned 25, and requested a double-chocolate donut birthday cake... it's something I had made up, in my head.  I do that sometimes.  Usually, the problem is then actually executing the grand plans that are swirling around in my head.  

One year, I made my brother black metal cupcakes.  They were delicious, but a lot of work.  This year's design didn't require any baking whatsoever, but lots of creative problem-solving to make it work.  In fact, as I'm writing this, I have the cake finished, but we haven't cut it yet.  It could get messy.  Read on.

donut cake supplies

Motorhead decided to hang out as I assembled this cake.  You can see him in the background.  Here's what I used:

  • One dozen chocolate glazed donuts
  • A box of 25 chocolate donut holes (I actually ended up using less than 12, unless you want extras to munch on!)
  • One can of milk chocolate frosting
  • One tube of red glitter icing (for decorating purposes)
  • A rectangular pan for traveling with the donut cake to the party (I have this cool one with a lid - I got it as a wedding gift, it's from Crate & Barrel.)

Then, because this donut cake is METAL, turn on some cake-assembling music.  I chose Mercyful Fate's Melissa as my soundtrack this morning.

donut layout
donut holes
donut icing

The layout for the cake was kind of a no-brainer.  Two rows of three donuts to make a rectangular-ish cake.  I put donut holes in the gaps between rows, and then cut up donut holes to plug the donut, uh, holes... the whole layer got a nice slathering of chocolate frosting.

Mmmm... donuts.  Motorhead is looking longingly at the nice stack of donuts in the pan here.

layer 2 donut cake
layer 2 donut holes
layer 2 icing

I then stacked a second layer of donuts on top of the first, using the same layout.  Fill with donut holes, icing it all up, and ta-da!  At this point, you have a "finished" donut cake.  You can decorate it any way you like.

Since my donut cake is METAL, I can't simply write happy birthday on it and be done.

Bear with me, you have to have the right kind of birthday girl or boy for this one...

We chose to go with the following message:

donut cake decoration

Happy 25th Birthday, Sam!

now playing:


  1. Oh man, I wish we were related. That was awesome!

  2. hahaha make that me too! your cake skills rock!


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