Why don't they make this stuff for adults?!

spinbrush for kids

I was over at my nieces' house for a birthday party, and noticed these cool toothbrushes in their bathroom.  Of course, I immediately asked about where they got them, and did the stickers come with the toothbrush (or had they added them later on themselves)?

I found out this is sold at Target!  I also found out that the stickers come WITH the toothbrush.  And, when I went to purchase one for myself, I found out it was on sale for less than $5!  Whoa.

jewel spinbrush switch

This puzzles me.  Why wouldn't an adult want an electric toothbrush that is a) inexpensive, b) has a nifty jeweled on/off switch, and c) customizable with stickers?!

Um, HELL-O manufacturers... get on that, ok?  In the meantime, I will purchase myself a "Spinbrush for Kids" regardless of you labeling it for someone not in my age bracket.  By the way, did I mention that these stickers are special clear waterproof ones meant for staying power on the ol' toothbrush?  Nice.

spinbrush closeup

I briefly considered buying this brush primarily for the special stickers and putting them on an "adult" electric toothbrush, until I realized I wouldn't have a sweet jeweled on/off switch.  Boo.

(In case you're wondering, nothing about this post is sarcastic.  I'm being 100% dead serious that I love this toothbrush, and I'm frustrated that kids seem to get all the cool stuff while adults are forced into "serious" business.)

I'm sure that this post will very likely become a whole series of "Why don't they make this for adults?" related-posts very soon.

p.s. School has started, and not only am I super stressed about my full-time teaching job, I'm wearing a new "hat" as a union person in my district this year, and also handling my first pregnancy.  So apologies if my infrequent posting slows to a virtual crawl.  I'm not going anywhere... just moving a lot slower.  Thank you for your patience.

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  1. They don't make stuff this awesome for adults for one reason and one reason only, most adults aren't fun. They think getting a brand toothbrush that looks plain is the sensible decision. That going swish back and forward is exciting enough. They're wrong of course. After all, they don't have a toothbrush with a cartoon lion on. lmao. I love it <3


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