Vintage Shopping Finds!

deer bookends

When I was in Michigan with my mom, we bought so much stuff that we couldn't haul it all back on the bus.  So, we packed up a big box and had it shipped back to us here in the 'burbs!  The box arrived earlier this week, and I'm reminded of all the fun we had garage-saling and vintage/antique shopping.

The first fun find was this pair of deer bookends!  Although they were marked "Bambi," I like to think of them as a more generic deer design (eh, I'm not a huge Disney fan, to put it lightly...).  I thought they were super cute and I haven't decided where they'll call home just yet.  Could be the bookshelves in the living room, could be a spot in the new baby's room... oh, but the baby room plans are for another post!

melmac sugar creamer

I have always been in love with these plastic dishes, called Melmac.  Now that we're expecting a baby, it seems like the perfect time to start a collection of plastic dishes for our home.  I began with this sugar and creamer set in a beautiful pastel purple.  I used to admire sets of these dishes from afar, not knowing which color I would eventually like to have in my home one day.  I've decided to build my own set out of a variety of colors, creating my own rainbow-set of plastic Melmac dishes!  Then I can make our set as large as we need, and I can take the time to build it up over time, enjoying the hunt for new colorful pieces!

melmac logo stamp

Here's the Melmac stamp in the bottom of the dishes.  I love that pretty much all Melmac dishes are the same shapes and sizes, just different colors.  This will allow me to have all kinds of fun mixing & matching!  I love starting a new collection, and I'm very excited about this one!

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  1. they are very similar to some we have!! haha except ours are salt and pepper shakers and dont have the antlers!!! yaaay xoxoxo

  2. I've never seen that melmac brand but it looks cool. awesome finds!

  3. Cute finds! I loooove the deer. I went to visit my sister in Ohio and couldn't find the space to fly it all home. Hard to turn down a good find. :)

  4. Totally love your finds -- I dig Melmac, but Pyrex and Fiestaware are what I fell in love with @ a young age &will continue to vigorously hunt for to constantly expand my personal collection. I decided to buy all colors, so I have a rainbow set and the effect is really cool and festive -- and has honestly saved me tons of $ ...I can buy those cheap single color paper napkins at the party supply or dollar store and random colors of crepe paper streamers and it's super easy and surprisingly stylish when accented with thoughtful flowers and other decorative elements. Plus, it's way easier and much less of a tragedy if a dish accidentally is damaged, since it can be replaced with any color, whichever color you happen to find next at a garage sale or flea!
    I like the idea of the fawn bookends in the nursery...hmm, can't wait to hear more aboutpossible nursery decorating ideas you're tossing around!
    Ooh I love and collect Le Creuset too -- do you?


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