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Hello!  I figured I hadn't really written about Hell Razor items lately... so I'd do a little mini-feature of some new stuff I'm working on and have available (or will have available soon)!

rosary heart

The first item is a Heart Locket Pink Recycled Rosary Necklace.  I found this really cute pink rosary that has rose-shaped beads, and swapped out the usual cross for a heart-shaped locket.  The fact that it's a former rosary gives it an "edge," but the color and shape give it an overall sweetness that I find really fun.

rosary gun

This next recycled rosary necklace is not yet up for sale, but waiting to be listed.  The blue rosary beads are thrifted/vintage, and I swapped the cross for a holy bible locket and black plastic gun charm.  I think I'll call it something along the lines of "NRA Recycled Rosary Necklace."  Mostly because the idea just cracks me up.


I made a bunch of these butterfly bobby pins, and they sell really well - might even be one of the most popular items in the shop.  So I should probably get around to listing this orange pair... I had fun photographing them next to my potted flowers on the porch for added realism.


This is a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings.  While on a rosary shopping spree, I stumbled across these tiny wooden religious charms, or icons.  Although not everyone's cup of tea, the idea of re-using religious iconography in an unusual way really fascinates me.  I love the imagery, but not always the literal meanings... so in this way, I make it my own.  Check out the Wooden Religious Icon Dangle Earrings here.

felt bow

Although I have several bows in the shop to purchase, I haven't gotten around to listing this one just yet. Maybe because I like it too much.  I experimented with using safety pins as crossbones in the skull design, and I really like how it turned out!

So, there you have it.  Be on the lookout at the Hell Razor shop for some of these as-yet-unlisted goodies to pop up soon, and get you some!

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