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I have the not-so-great habit of spending my Etsy earnings on other internet shopping sprees... but the things I find are really really cool, so I thought I'd share some of these neat-o items with you.

plaid pigeon

The first little guy is Vic the Velociraptor.  He's a plastic toy dinosaur with a real succulent plant growing out of his back!  It's made by Plaid Pigeon and can be purchased via their Etsy shop.  He currently hangs out in our living room on a shelf, but I'm thinking he may earn a prominent spot on the mantle soon!

tattoo toys front

I found this sweet pair of Tattooed Man (Mr. Percy) and Tattooed Lady (Lil Edith) dolls on Spitfire Girl.  They do not come as a pair, you have to buy them separately, but I found it really hard to choose just one, so I splurged and bought both.  These dolls hang out on the bed in our spare room.

tattoo toys back

Since these dolls are basically canvas plush pillows without any buttons or removable parts, I was thinking that they'd also make really fun and unusual baby gifts for a friend!  Below are the fun tags attached to the packaging they came in.

tattoo toys packaging

Don't forget to also do your summer shopping at the Hell Razor store!  I'm currently working on a whole bunch of butterfly bobby pins and I have a small collection of new rosary necklaces to complete!  Because it's summertime (and we're both teachers), money gets a little tight at our house this time of year... so support your favorite independent artists and buy some stuff!  Thanks!

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