Live and Learn...

I have to share this story with you, because it's kind of amusing, completely overwhelming, and definitely a learning experience!

A while back, I had posted an entry on the blog about free stickers.  I figured the 50 or so blog readers and handful of Facebook fans (at the time) were enough for me to handle, and not every person would actually request stickers from me.

I was right.  I only received a few requests, so I had a fun time hand-writing notes and personalizing requests, often including a button or other fun goody with the mail.

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Then, my blog post was placed on a "Free Stuff" website (by a well-meaning blog reader, who was really only trying to help, so I thank you for that!), but it then was then re-posted (and RE-POSTED again!) on other "Free Stuff" websites.  Eeek.  At first, the extra traffic was flattering and exciting.

In the first 1/2 hour, I had five requests.  No biggie.  But the next several hours resulted in over 100 new requests, and the number was growing bigger.  My Facebook fans jumped significantly.

This was four days ago.  I now have over 400 requests for free stickers.  I've already received emails from people, asking where their stickers are.  Huh?

If these requests were all genuine, I might feel differently. Some of the emails have been really sweet, saying things like "Hi! I'd love a few stickers and will gladly send pics of where I've stuck them." or "I am already a fan of yours on Facebook, and would love to help spread the word.."


...most emails say nothing at all. Just an address. GIMMEGIMMEGIMME. Or they don't even know how to read! "Please email me a free razor. I would love to try it." I've also received several that demand a specific amount: "Can I get 2 stickers please" or other fictional items: "Please send stickers,would love a key chain."

Keychain??? Huh?

Now, ask me how many new sales I've had at the Etsy shop.  ZERO.

I do intend on filling all of the requests for stickers, although I cannot accept any new requests.  Here's why:

Envelopes = over $40 for 400
Stamps = .44 x 400 = $176.00

...and I'm pretty sure I'll need to have more stickers printed, too.  
This is going to take me WEEKS, and people just need to understand that.  

Let this be a lesson for me, and anyone else who might be thinking about doing a freebie like I did!

p.s. I will ALWAYS include free stickers and a button with all Hell Razor Etsy shop orders.  I will also give you first priority in shipping, over and above all the sticker requests I have.

p.p.s. Help defray my shipping costs by buying from the Etsy store!  If you enter the code FACEBOOK at checkout, get 15% off of your order!

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