Yeah, it IS the world's coolest earring...

unicorn 1

A few weeks ago I went on a completely unnecessary shopping spree and bought several items over the internet.  This is one of my favorite items.  It's a unicorn earring from 6% Dokidoki that I had spotted on an Australian shop website called Electric Alice a few months back - but it had been sold out forever!  I even caught it on a glitch once where I thought I had snagged one, only to find out it was never really in stock at all... boo... :(

unicorn 2

But, as you can tell from my photos, I did eventually snag one, this time from an international web shop in Japan called Marui Web Channel - they have English translations of everything, but I gotta warn you, the shipping is SUPER expensive.  I kind of wish I had just ordered two of these earrings so I had a "set," although it's pretty fun to wear just one.  I won't order another one separately, though... that's how expensive the shipping was.  Eek!

But so far, every day that I've worn it, I've gotten compliments from someone - be it friends, coworkers, or even the checkout girl at Walgreens...!  And I totally love this earring.  It's hot pink, it's a unicorn, and it is jumping THROUGH your ear.  Awesome.

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  1. I love those kinda earrings! I have one of a dragon somewhere...

  2. You are so right! That is by far the world's coolest earring!

  3. oh my goooodddddddddddddddnesss! love it!


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