Wardrobe Wednesday: It's Too Hot Out.

making a face

Me: "Todd, I don't know how to stand when you're taking my picture. I don't know how it looks."
Todd: "Well, the pose is ok, but you keep making weird faces."


Hopefully my real-life friends can attest to the fact that I don't really make weird faces 100% of the time. Just some.

flower & earrings

Today it is really really really hot outside.  I am meeting my bestest friend for dinner so I don't want to look like a total slob, but I can't bear to get all dressed up.  Here's what I opted for:


Black knit skirt = Target (approx. 2 summers ago?)
Stripey shirt = Target
Blue tank top = Target
Wedge sandals = Target

Whoa, maybe I really need to get out and shop some more.  As in, more varied places.  I swear I have other clothes...

Today I am also wearing two lovely Hell Razor items: Skull Safety Pin Earrings (I seriously love these, I've made several pairs over time.) and Yellow Flower Clip and Pin with Skull and Peacock Feather.

skull earrings

yellow flower

Ok, the question is then:  What do you wear when it's "too hot out?"

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