Mmmm... Frozen Hot Chocolate

dunkin donuts

Today Todd and I went to Dunkin Donuts and ordered FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!  We went on a shopping trip earlier today to pick up a few necessities (ok, ok, Motor needed a new bed, so we were checking out the options), and Todd mentioned this new awesome menu item at DD.  So of course for the rest of the trip all I could think of was having a frozen hot chocolate.  So, on the way home we stopped and had it for lunch, and it was sooo good.  

I am a big fan of Dunkin Donuts to start with (I typically stop before work everyday for a decaf or iced coffee), and this new item just gives me more reasons to love them.  If you're not a DD fan (shame on you!), they also have fantastic breakfast sandwiches that you can get at any time of the day, like egg white veggie flatbread sandwiches, or egg and cheese on a bagel.  Oh, now I'm hungry again.  Anyone wanna pick one up for me?

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  1. When I went on holiday to California a few years ago I became addicted to DD, wish we had them over here in England =( and Snapples too (at least I think that's what the drink was called lol), mmmmm I wish I was in America now

  2. I've heard of frozen hot chocolate but i'm afraid to try it! is it really that good?


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