June Sponsorship

just because by leelee

This month, I am sponsoring Just Because By Lee Lee - I also have a discount code for her readers: 10% off if you enter LEELEE10 at checkout - Hell Razor readers, feel free to take advantage of this, too!

Later this month, she'll also be posting about a giveaway from me: a super cute bow headband and earrings - so be on the lookout!

I'd also like to remind you about SugarSlam 2011 hosted by Bake & Destroy!  (Clicky on the photo in the left-hand column for full deets) - I really really really want someone I know to win this, so they'll get the party at Horrorbles with baking by Natalie, and I'm hoping that they'll invite me to it!  Oh yeah, and each of the winner prize packages also feature a skully flower clip from yours truly!  Hooray!

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