Yeah, it IS the world's coolest earring...

unicorn 1

A few weeks ago I went on a completely unnecessary shopping spree and bought several items over the internet.  This is one of my favorite items.  It's a unicorn earring from 6% Dokidoki that I had spotted on an Australian shop website called Electric Alice a few months back - but it had been sold out forever!  I even caught it on a glitch once where I thought I had snagged one, only to find out it was never really in stock at all... boo... :(

unicorn 2

But, as you can tell from my photos, I did eventually snag one, this time from an international web shop in Japan called Marui Web Channel - they have English translations of everything, but I gotta warn you, the shipping is SUPER expensive.  I kind of wish I had just ordered two of these earrings so I had a "set," although it's pretty fun to wear just one.  I won't order another one separately, though... that's how expensive the shipping was.  Eek!

But so far, every day that I've worn it, I've gotten compliments from someone - be it friends, coworkers, or even the checkout girl at Walgreens...!  And I totally love this earring.  It's hot pink, it's a unicorn, and it is jumping THROUGH your ear.  Awesome.

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In the garden...

Now that the weather's nice and we're out of school, I actually like spending time outdoors relaxing.  Unfortunately, the outdoors at our house has suffered.  We've lived here just over a year now, and the first year was spent renovating the indoors.  Now it's the outdoors' turn, but unfortunately (as many of us all sadly realize), the money is just not there!  So here's just a tiny peek into my outdoor world... which will hopefully be expanding to prettier horizons as the summer lives on.


This is along our fence and driveway, which was previously overgrown with hostas.  I dug them out last year, which means that this year was --- weeds!!!  I then spent the beginning of this summer digging those out, and Todd was so kind as to pick up this lovely assortment of rocks in greys and pinks that I think look much better than my weed assortment.  We added some solar lights (previously in the front yard) and a couple garden stakes from my mother-in-law.  I think it turned out pretty, and now I don't have to worry about weeds. (I put some weed preventer shaky stuff under the rocks, too.)


I have a blackish-green thumb.  I'm not good at keeping stuff alive.  But I received some flower seeds from our cousin with the promise that they're easy to grow, and they were!  This is actually year TWO!  They die, I let it sit in the pot, and it came back!  Ok, only in two out of the three pots I had, but that's pretty good, right?  This flower is called a "Catchfly" and is considered a wildflower.  I found more information on it here, if you're interested.  Apparently, the story is that Todd's great grandmother had these kind of flowers in Poland, so it's kind of a family sentimental thing.  I mostly think they're super pretty and tiny and pink!

flowers 2

Here's another pot of them, not-so flowery yet.  Ignore the weeds in the background, please.  We're awaiting a quote on new sod for the backyard.  So I'll tell you more about that later.

nest 1

We have a robin making a nest on our garage!  We tried to fight it early on when the robin was building the nest (removing the nest's beginnings, wedging stuff up above the light so it was unable to build), but several weeks later it reappeared, already finished!  So Todd and I have decided to just go with it and we're like watchful step-parents to this new little family.  Check out the shot below - Todd was able to hold his phone above the nest and get a really awesome photo of the pretty blue robin's eggs inside!

nest 2

So now we're patiently waiting for little birds chirping!  If we're feeling brave, I might be able to convince Todd to sneak a photo of that too when the time comes!

So, there's a tiny peek into my backyard.  As more work is done, I'll keep you updated.  I'm also working on re-decorating our now very dingy back porch, so that'll be fun to see some shots soon, too!

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Hell Razor, out and about.

If you've been reading some of my favorite blogs lately, you may have run into some Hell Razor mentions. The first is over at Bake and Destroy, where you can see the lovely Annie modeling some Hell Razor hair flowers, which are part of the prize packages for SugarSlam 2011!  I'm featured in this prize package spotlight, which if you clicky on the screenshot below, I'll take you to it.  Please enter!

bake and destroy

The second HR-spotting is over at Just Because by LeeLee, where she is currently running a super-mega huge awesome GIVEAWAY that includes a Hell Razor headband and pair of super sweet tattoo swallow earrings made by me!  Be sure to enter because you get a whole bunch of stuff - not just from me, but her other sponsors this month as well!  Again, screenshot is linked below...


...and finally, I'm also a part of the super giant group of almost 200 sponsors over at Freckled Nest this month!  Can you spot me in the grid below?

freckled nest

Happy web-browsing!

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Break Time.

two pics

All right, sorry guys.  I decided to have a little-kid style tantrum about blogging, and just decided to stop for a couple of weeks, no explanation.  Sorry about that.  I've also felt somewhat under the weather and getting lazy since its summer.  So I am determined to shape up about my laziness and get going here.  I'm starting with today's "Wardrobe Wednesday" post even though I'm not really dressed for it.  Just trying to get my butt in gear again!

close up

Oh, yeah, this is also my first outfit post where I'm wearing pants!  Woo hoo!  Here's the deets:
Pants - Target
Shirt - hand me down from my mom... Kohl's?

I'm so short that even when I buy petite pants I still usually have to roll them up or have them hemmed.  Doh!


Here's a close-up of the shoes, since it's my favorite part of the outfit.  They have lightning bolts on them and sweet black studs.  I love Iron Fist, and hope to one day buy some of their fancy high heels as well, like these sweet Sugar Witch Platforms.  Love!

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Mmmm... Frozen Hot Chocolate

dunkin donuts

Today Todd and I went to Dunkin Donuts and ordered FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!  We went on a shopping trip earlier today to pick up a few necessities (ok, ok, Motor needed a new bed, so we were checking out the options), and Todd mentioned this new awesome menu item at DD.  So of course for the rest of the trip all I could think of was having a frozen hot chocolate.  So, on the way home we stopped and had it for lunch, and it was sooo good.  

I am a big fan of Dunkin Donuts to start with (I typically stop before work everyday for a decaf or iced coffee), and this new item just gives me more reasons to love them.  If you're not a DD fan (shame on you!), they also have fantastic breakfast sandwiches that you can get at any time of the day, like egg white veggie flatbread sandwiches, or egg and cheese on a bagel.  Oh, now I'm hungry again.  Anyone wanna pick one up for me?

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June Sponsorship

just because by leelee

This month, I am sponsoring Just Because By Lee Lee - I also have a discount code for her readers: 10% off if you enter LEELEE10 at checkout - Hell Razor readers, feel free to take advantage of this, too!

Later this month, she'll also be posting about a giveaway from me: a super cute bow headband and earrings - so be on the lookout!

I'd also like to remind you about SugarSlam 2011 hosted by Bake & Destroy!  (Clicky on the photo in the left-hand column for full deets) - I really really really want someone I know to win this, so they'll get the party at Horrorbles with baking by Natalie, and I'm hoping that they'll invite me to it!  Oh yeah, and each of the winner prize packages also feature a skully flower clip from yours truly!  Hooray!

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Wardrobe Wednesday: It's Too Hot Out.

making a face

Me: "Todd, I don't know how to stand when you're taking my picture. I don't know how it looks."
Todd: "Well, the pose is ok, but you keep making weird faces."


Hopefully my real-life friends can attest to the fact that I don't really make weird faces 100% of the time. Just some.

flower & earrings

Today it is really really really hot outside.  I am meeting my bestest friend for dinner so I don't want to look like a total slob, but I can't bear to get all dressed up.  Here's what I opted for:


Black knit skirt = Target (approx. 2 summers ago?)
Stripey shirt = Target
Blue tank top = Target
Wedge sandals = Target

Whoa, maybe I really need to get out and shop some more.  As in, more varied places.  I swear I have other clothes...

Today I am also wearing two lovely Hell Razor items: Skull Safety Pin Earrings (I seriously love these, I've made several pairs over time.) and Yellow Flower Clip and Pin with Skull and Peacock Feather.

skull earrings

yellow flower

Ok, the question is then:  What do you wear when it's "too hot out?"

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Etsy Shop Feature: PinkHelloKitty/Insanely Sweet

new earrings

A friend on Facebook recommended this Etsy shop to me and I was instantly hypnotized by all the cute pastel colors and smatterings of skulls.  I bought these earrings (you know, quality control, had to make sure they were good, right?  ha ha - they were.) and I think they are awesome.  The shop is searchable by the original name: PinkHelloKitty, but she mostly goes by the name "Insanely Sweet," which is also the name of her blog.  You can also click on the screenshots below to take you to her shop or blog, respectively.

wearing new earrings

These earrings look like they'd be really heavy, but they're not.  the metal on the cameos is very lightweight and thin.  The plastic beads are also very light.  I've worn them several days now and I think they're great!  I've gotten lots of complements - unfortunately, most people ask if I've made them myself, and I have to admit that they're not mine!  Oh well.  Much love.  Here's a screenshot from the "insanely Sweet" shop:

Etsy shop SS

Natascha, who is the girl behind "Insanely Sweet," is super nice and even shared some of her secret supply sources with me!  I also love that on her blog, she frequently features her nail polish, just like me! Looking back, I think we were both going glitter and crackle polishes at the same time!  Here's a screenshot from her blog:

blog SS

I think what I most love is her Betsey Johnson-esque vibes.  Since Betsey is one of my all-time most favorite designers, anything that reminds me of her is cool with me!

Not that you need an excuse to do more shopping, but celebrate summer by checking out her shop and/or blog.  There's always lots of fun to see!

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Manicure Monday: Summer Break

bare nails

As you've probably read from previous posts, I'm finally on summer break!  I even had to stop by my classroom this morning to finalize, clean up, and label everything within an inch of its life, but now its DONE!  Yayy!

So, I'm going to spend a week going au naturel with my nails - no polish!  I think they need a breather, and they're a little yellowed when I remove polish, so this week should do them good.  Then I'll also have a full week to come up with something fun for next week!  I did clip and file my nails, and gave my hands a good layer of lotion to keep them healthy.

hello kitty

I also wanted to share this super awesome deal I got this week!  As you know, last week I had a field trip to Rotofugi and I picked up a bunch of fun toys.  While I was there, I debated over purchasing this Hello Kitty toy for $40.  It came out some time around Christmas along with a companion "devilish" version.  Needless to say, I snapped up the red devil version, but hesitated to buy this one.  So when they had only one at Rotofugi, I thought I should probably grab it.  However, I didn't due to the $40 price tag.

Imagine my surprise when my friend Beth texted me the next day to tell me that Urban Outfitters had it at my local mall discounted to only $10!!!  She was even awesome enough to pick it up for me right then.  Unfortunately, I can't find it available online, but if you have a store near you, you may want to check it out.

So, I'm really looking forward to this summer and the time to make some fantastic new things!  This week, I'm going to share an awesome new Etsy shop I've discovered.  She was kind enough to share with me one of her favorite supply sources for SKULLS!  I ordered a bunch and can't wait to share them with you!

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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Sound of Sunday: Amon Amarth

amon amarth

If you're a regular reader at the Hell Razor blog, I sincerely apologize for being missing a while.  I realize I completely missed this week's "Wardrobe Wednesday" as well as several other day's posts.  I have some personal issues going on right now (not necessarily bad things, mind you!) and I hope to have some exciting news to share soon... but you'll have to be patient with me.

In the meantime, here's the album of the week, brought to you on a Sunday instead of my usual Saturday.  It's Amon Amarth's new album, Surtur Rising.  My favorite thing about Amon Amarth is that the sound reminds me so much of Dethklok from the cartoon Metalocalypse.  Only Amon Amarth is a REAL serious band.  Vocalist Johan Hegg = Nathan Explosion, only Swedish.  According to my research, Amon Amarth is officially classified as "Viking Metal."  I just think it's good.

I put this album on in my classroom on Friday afternoon after all the kids had left for the summer and I still had to pack up my room (in fact, I still have to go next week for a day or two) but it helped keep my energy up when I had to get work done.  And it's something I wouldn't normally play in my classroom around students, so it was nice to be able to listen to "my" music for a while!

Highlighted awesome songs include: War of the Gods, Destroyer of the Universe, Slaves of Fear, and the bonus track cover of Aerials.  Here's a funny story: I absolutely hate the band System of a Down.  It all stems from that dude's voice.  Hate it.  So I'm trying to do a write-up of this album, and I ask Todd, "Which track on the Amon Amarth album has a line that goes something like 'aerials, in the sky...'?" and he tells me that it's NOT Amon Amarth, but System of a Down.  I'm all "No way, not possible," since I don't even listen to that band.  So I start skipping through the tracks on the iPod, trying to find it.  Turns out that it is a COVER of a System of a Down song, and of course I'd like it, since that guy's voice is no longer on it!  Ha!  Also turns out that the bonus track is not listed online, so I didn't see it until I replayed it on the iPod.

So, what bands do you HATE?  Specifically, I'm talking about bands people expect that you would like, but you absolutely CANNOT stand...?

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