Wardrobe Wednesday: Gray & Black


Maybe if I do this long enough, I'll get better at taking photos.  I think I hypothesized that if I wore my sunglasses I might look less weird.  Because you couldn't see as much of my face.  Fail.


I also decided it was a nice enough day to let Motorhead roam around the yard, so he kept getting in the way, too.  Eatin' dirt.

top shot

This one's not as bad, and it's from a different angle.  I wear my wedding rings around my neck on work days because I'm always washing my hands and taking them off.  I'm scared I'll lose them, so this works as an everyday solution.  If you see me on the weekends or at an evening event, I'll be wearing them regular-style, but this is part of my work-week uniform.


Favorite Mooshoes.com boots, as seen in last week's post, too.  I do own other shoes... these are just my faves right now.  Plus, they have steel toes, so I can walk around giving people what-for.  Which is what I usually do.

Here's the rest of the wardrobe breakdown: T-shirt, Target.  Dress, Target.  Leggings, Target.  Stripey socks... hmm... either Torrid or Hot Topic?  I can't remember.  By the way, have I told you that I shop at Target a lot?

Oh, wait!  My sunglasses are fancy - they're Betsey Johnson by way of Loehmann's.  But then the one by me closed. Boo.

Today I'm wearing a Hell Razor felt hair bow.  This one has a pink lollipop in the center.  If you're interested in purchasing said bow, you can view it here on Etsy: Gray & Pink Lollipop Hair Bow.

lollipop bow

bow in hair

...and there's the close up of me wearing it.  I have an appointment to get my hair done with Megan on Saturday... I'm thinking of changing things up, because my hair is really long and I'm starting to get bored of it.  I'm not sure if I want to go short, but I want to do something.  Right now I've only gone so far as to think I might grow out the old bangs... I've started to part them kind of on the side.

I think mostly I'm just really really really ready for summer break, and I'm trying to find ways to shake things up so it'll feel different.  This happens every year.

Got any ideas?

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  1. I love the bow and the shoes and overall you look cute!

  2. i like your outfit!

    and i say go for growing out the bangs! you can always decide to cut them again later! i've had bangs for at least 3 maybe 4 years...straight bangs, wispy bangs, side swept emo bangs...you name it...now i'm growing them out and rocking the wave bang, lol!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, so shiny and the colours are so vibrant in the light. Aw, Motorhead.

  4. aahhh you are so cute! i love your hair and your dress! :D


  5. Aww you don't look weird at all! You're super cute, and I absolutely love that outfit, especially the dress and striped socks! :) I've been growing my hair out from a short layered bob since last October, and my bangs have been driving me nuts. I know I don't have the patience to grow them out, so I tried a different shape for them. Sometimes just a wee change makes a big difference, at least for a while. :)

  6. @Miss Lou @Donna - thanks!

    @taryn @jinx @elis - I do think I'm gonna try growing out the bangs... maybe adjust where the purple is in them so that it shows up a little more. Also, I'm considering a cut - like a long angled cut, maybe removing 4-5 inches off the length... it's so long right now!


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