Sponsorships, Giveaways, and Contests, Oh My!


For the next three months, I'm sponsoring Steff Metal.  She posted a really cute question/answer session with me on her latest blog post.  In the next month, there'll be a truly awesome giveaway for her readers, so be on the lookout!  Also, I even have a special discount code on the Hell Razor Etsy shop for Steff Metal readers, but you'll have to go see her post to find out how to save!


Secondly, Hell Razor is a contributor to the prizes for Bake and Destroy's SugarSlam 2011!  Are you an awesome baker?  Want to compete to be the best?  Get full details on her site.  She's putting together some cool winning prize packs for the champions.  In fact, she's been tweeting about the prize sponsors already!  Hints abound so far about contributions from Horrorbles, Threadless, Circa Ceramics, and The Alley Chicago - but those are only some!  Can't wait!

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