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Havok Time Is Up

So, I've been MIA for a couple of days.  Previously, I've been posting every day, but this week I was not so good.  See, I'm down to my last week of school, so things are nutty crazy busy.  I'm going to try to be better and I have a few things planned for this upcoming week already.

Today I was making my monthly trek to Old Orchard shopping mall to get my eyebrows waxed at Sisters Skin Care and Waxing (they're really good, so if you get the chance to go there, do it!).  It's about at 45 minute drive from where I live, and Todd will usually humor me by coming along.  Today he decided to play his "new favorite album" for me.  It was Time Is Up by Havok.

It's really good, and I instantly knew why he liked it.  It was fast and angry and heavy.  It made me want to punch.  Just in general, by the way.  Sometimes music just makes me wanna punch.  It's also a funny reference to a friend's little boy, who one day wanted to play an imaginary game with Todd.  Todd asked the boy for the rules on how to play, and his response was, "you just gotta punch."  It's kind of become a philosophy of ours.

Havok is a thrash metal band with a lot of great guitar riffs.  I'm only now navigating my way between the delicate balance between different genres of metal (with a lot of help from Todd) and I said to him, "This band seems to have some punk thrown in there," to which Todd informed me is kind of a cornerstone of thrash metal sound.

If you enjoy Slayer, this band is probably one that you'll enjoy.  But then again, I like a lot of bands whose "similar to" sounding bands I cannot stand (damn you Pandora radio, for the last time, I told you that I hate Disturbed!!!).  So you can take this recommendation any way that you like.

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