Sound of Saturday: Deftones

deftones diamond eyes

If you're like me, you have special albums that you like to listen to for special purposes.  I love the Deftones album, Diamond Eyes, for when I'm working in the studio, making art.  It's both heavy and mellow at the same time.  It's not "background" music, but it's "zoning out" music.  I find it very relaxing.

Oddly enough, seeing the Deftones in concert (Chicago, Riviera Theater, June 15, 2007) was one of the most mystifying events of my life.  I still can't for the life of me figure out why so many muscle-head crush-your-skull moshers and "bros" were in the audience.  WAY more than I've ever seen at any other show I've been to... and I've been to Ozzfest and a crapload of other hard rock/metal shows.  For some reason, this crowd was scary.  But the music is NOT - it's beautiful!  Ok, ok, ok... I'm a girl here, and to me, saying that hard rock music is beautiful could be seen as offensive or weak to some, but I mean it in a totally positive and complementary way.

Oh wait, here's a better example: the crowd I imagine (but don't know for sure since I wouldn't touch one of these shows with a 10-foot-pole) would be at Disturbed was the audience that I witnessed at the Deftones show.  Does that analogy make more sense?  

Disturbed = douchebag bros and muscle-head sweaty, sticky, mosh-happy drugged/wasted dudes

I didn't expect such a thing at a Deftones show, but there they were.  Yeah, I don't get it either.  Music + crowd don't match.

But anyway, I love the Deftones.  I enjoy listening to them loud and in solitude.  Which makes me think that I should probably get out my headphones and listen to this album at work.  I think it would be fantastic for mellowing out.

Favorite tracks on this album include the title track, "You've Seen the Butcher," "Beauty School," "Rocket Skates," and "This Place is Death."  The sound is heavy but beautiful and ambient and fills the space.  It's echoing, full, big, and dream-like.

How would you describe the Deftones?

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