Sound of Saturday: All That Remains

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As I begin to find and read more and more "metal" blogs, it becomes increasingly apparent to me that I'm kind of a metal lightweight.  I mean, come on guys, sure, I made one Joe Elliott/Def Leppard reference a few weeks back, but come on!  

I like metal and rock.  And industrial.  And I also like 80's new wave and hair metal.  And some electronic/dance stuff, too.  I also like "girl music," like Tori Amos and Liz Phair and Bjork.  If that makes me a lightweight, or if I am cast out now forever from being a "true" metalhead, then so be it.  I fully accept my status as an outsider.  Boo hoo.

So, I classify All That Remains as a metal band.  If you're an elitist, you might call it screamo, or emo, or something else.  Go yell about it on your own blog, I'm gonna call it metal.  Because you know, if MTV puts it on Headbanger's Ball, it MUST be metal, right? (wink, wink) ...and I saw All That Remains on Headbanger's Ball.

I know that Overcome isn't the most recent All That Remains album, but I like to listen to this one on my iPod a lot, so I'm featuring it here.  The first single I heard was "Two Weeks," and we own it on Rock Band for Xbox 360 and it's super fun to sing.  Gotta have a lot of air in the lungs, can't do it when I'm sick...  I like the more mainstream melodies in this album that are mixed with traditional heavy metal riffs.  I think it makes the music easier to listen to, and I tend to stay away from bands with so much double-bass that it ceases to have a rhythm I can follow.  That being said, I still like music when it's loud, heavy, and also includes screaming and gutteral vocals.

I can put this album on and listen to it from beginning to end.  The whole thing rocks, and there are no ballad-y lulls (except for maybe "Believe in Nothing," but that's the last song, so it's easy to skip if you want... it's not a bad song, though), which I tend to dislike in general.  Favorite songs include: "Chiron," "Forever in Your Hands," and "Before the Damned."

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