Manicure Monday: Shatter

shatter nail polish

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom, and she was sweet enough to buy me this fun new polish from Ulta!  It's OPI Black Shatter over China Glaze Aqua Baby (550) - the turquoise shade as seen in my CMYK nails post...

I found it best to apply a clear topcoat over it all, since the black shatter "shrinks up" and takes on a matte, rubbery look.  I've also discovered that it is extremely important to allow the base coat to dry completely before applying shatter, because when the black shatter shrinks up, it'll pull the polish underneath with it if it is not completely dry.

shatter polish

I guess it's appropriate that this week's nails are called "shatter," as I'm having a tough week (yeah, I know, it's only Monday...).  I found out this morning when I woke up that I did NOT make it into the annual local art/craft fair that I applied for.  This one hurts especially bad because I made it my goal last year (right around the time that I first started the Hell Razor blog) to get into this craft fair.  It was almost a year ago today, and I had no doubts whatsoever that I'd be there this year.

It totally sucks to have your goal shattered.  I worked so so hard.  Encouraging words, anyone?

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  1. I know nothing about this art fair, but I do know about having your goals not met as you are working on your own business. The best thing anyone can tell you is that goals will come and go but the determination to continue to make new ones is what is most important. Celebrate when you make them, be sad when you don't, but always make new ones. :)

  2. oh, and PS, you are awesome anyway. Don't let this be any measure or shake your faith of that fact in any way.

  3. Hey, I have a crackle lacquer made by China Glaze in a colour called "Crushed Candy" (a sweet vintage-y green/blue)! It's really fun and makes a cool effect...wish I had it in black, too! :)

    As for the craft fair thing--don't be discouraged! Did they tell you why you didn't make it? I think your handmade stuff is awesome and very creative, so it's their loss I say! :P On a side note, I had no idea there was a selection process for craft fairs...I thought you just registered and paid a fee or something. That just goes to show how much I know! ^^;

  4. @LSAMRE - thanks for the encouraging words. my first reaction was to give up. but i know better. I'm just being crabby. you know, the usual...

    @Elis - Shoot, apparently these things are pretty cut-throat! So far I've applied and been turned down by 2 shows... I was thinking of applying for Renegade this summer, but it's $400 to apply! Even if I made it, I don't think I could sell enough to break even! Besides, I don't have the tent or equipment for an outdoor fair right now...

  5. If you decide to take the gamble, i have a tent, table and chairs you can use...


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