Manicure Monday: Blue Sparkle

blue sparkle

I've finally come up with a name (duh!) for the weekly nail polish feature.  My error was trying to do it on Sundays, when I don't actually get around to doing the polish until Sunday evening.  The answer?  Manicure Mondays!  So very simple in the end, can't believe I didn't think about it sooner...

I have another fun feature starting this week as well on Wednesday!  Look at me, getting all structured and stuff... ha ha

nail polishes

This week's polish is one coat of 4860-16 "Blue It" by Sally Hansen, followed by one coat of 831 "Hottie" by Sinful Colors.  Ugh, I just realized the glitter was called "Hottie..." sorry about that.  Anyway, the Sally Hansen is a color I've used before, but I haven't owned it more than a year.  I noticed it's gotten very thick and prone to air bubbles.  Boo.  Check the bottle and it says 30 months life cycle.  Um, no.  Good thing I have a different metallic blue I can use, and I'll probably ditch this one.  The good news is that the glitter disguises any imperfections on the base coat pretty well.

Over the weekend I had two more requests for Hell Razor stickers, which was pretty cool!  The offer for free stickers is an open offer, so feel free to email me at any time: hell.razor (at) me.com and I'll send some your way!

sugar slam

In other news, the complete rules and prize packages for the Sugar Slam over at Bake and Destroy! have been posted.  Be sure to check it out and enter multiple times!  Both the Champion and People's Choice Winner prize packs include skully hair clip/pins from Hell Razor!

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