Makeup Case, Part 4


I'm almost at the bottom of my makeup case!  This post is all about the eyeliner, probably my second most favorite cosmetic supply (the first being eyeshadow, which is why I'm leaving it for last...).


Above is all the glitter liner (and a couple of glitter pots from MAC - Reflects Glitter in Very Pink and Glitter in Fuchsia) that I love.  I keep the usage of these to fancy/evening events or other fun outings, rather than daily use.  I love all makeup that is sparkly and shiny, despite some philosophies that state that you can't/shouldn't wear glitter after a certain age... Urban Decay Heavy Metal in Mullet (love it!), Too Faced Starry Eyed in Stalkerazzi, and MAC Glitter Eye Liner in Wonderwhite and Mercuric.

ink for eyes

These are gel liners from Urban Decay called "Ink for Eyes."  I was super excited when they first came out, especially because they came all-in-one, with a cute little brush and a mirror.  After excitedly purchasing these two (Zero & Empire) and testing them out, I decided that I prefer my MAC fluid line (coming up a few photos below) instead.  Disappointing!  The brushes weren't even that great, either.  Boo.

liner pencils

Although eyeliner pencils aren't my favorite, I LOVE Urban Decay eyeliner pencils.  Maybe that's why I was so hopeful for the "Ink for Eyes."  I figured they'd have the same vibrant color and easy glide-on application that the pencils have.  Above, you can see pencils in Ransom, Dime, Covet, and Deviant.  I also own a couple of equally fabulous MAC eyeliner pencils.  These are in Petrol Blue (Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner) and Mystery (Kohl Power Eye Pencil).

fluid line

Ahh, hands-down the BEST gel liner EVER!  MAC fluid line!  I own Waveline (Blue), Non-Conformist (Purple), and Blacktrack (Black!).  Must be used with coordinating MAC liner brush or bent eyeliner brush for ultimate results.  This is how I first learned to do winged liner, and I think it's the easiest method for precise lines.  It's so versatile, though, because you can easily smudge it for more subtle looks, too, depending on your style.  (Also pictured - Smashbox Smashing Midnight Green.)

liquid liner

Recently, I've converted to liquid liners.  I started with eyeliner "markers," like Tokidoki and MAC Rapidblack Penultimate Eyeliner.  They start out GREAT, but I was soon disappointed.  They dry out very quickly, especially at the tip where I want to wing out my liner at a point!  The Kat Von D liner pictured above is traditional liquid liner with a brush, which is good, but extremely difficult to use.  But then...

fav liquid liner

...ta da!  My all-time favorite eyeliner!  And it's a drugstore brand!  Maybelline Line Stiletto is a perfect cross between a brush and a marker eyeliner!  It's a spongy, yet firm tip that allows me to achieve a perfect line practically every time.  Oh how I love you line stiletto!  (Tip:  if it seems to have begun to run out, close the cap and shake it vertically.  Open back up, and it's like new!  I usually do one eye, close & shake, then do the second eye.)


Okay, I know I talked a lot about eyeliner, but I have to do a quick mascara/lash addition to this post.  After much deliberation and testing of various brands, my current mascara fave is Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara.  Above, you can see my collection of lash/brow supplies.  Quite small when you compare it to the rest of my collection, right?

day night lashes

Pardon the poor quality of the above photo.  I'm still learning to size them adequately.  What I do want to show is the difference between a day look and a night look.  For the daytime, I use my eyelash curler, my mascara, and some eyebrow pencil (I use Benefit Instant Brow).  For night, I might do a little brow grooming and add some fun fake eyelashes!  My favorite is MAC partial lashes (they're labeled #20).

So, now you know that I like glitter and fake lashed when I'm dressing up for fancy nights out.  What extra-special steps do you like to take?

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  1. Oooh! I love eyeliner and mascara too! You should do a post on how to properly apply false lashes...I have always loved them but have never been able to put them on quite right! ^^;

  2. Oh! That's a good idea! Once I'm feeling brave enough to do a video blog post, I'll definitely include that. Otherwise, my best advice is the shorter "1/2" lashes, because you use them on the outside of the upper lids so they blend in with your existing lashes.

  3. Yeah, I've heard that, and that the individual lashes are best, too, but they seem even harder to apply! I've only managed to apply falsies properly once, but it was for a Hallowe'en costume. :P


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