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Todd had an idea the other day to line up our iPods, all in a row, and to photograph them.  It's so interesting to see how the iPod has evolved, and to remember when we owned them, and why they were replaced...

iPod names

When I use my iPod mini (yes, it still works and I still use it!) in my classroom, the kids laugh at it and call it an antique.  I figure, hey, at least I know they won't try to steal it!  The black and white screen, the heavy metal wrapper... how I loved this when it was new!  I bought it for myself as a birthday present before Todd and I started dating.  Not too long after, the first iPod nano came out, so Todd bought it for me the following birthday.

iPods 1

The original iPod and iPod video are both Todd's.  I remember meeting him at the coffee shop and he showed me videos on the iPod video, and how impressed I was.  Amazing how fast the technology progresses... it was only a little over five years ago!

iPods 2

When our house finally decided to make the transition from PCs to Macs, we encountered (what we considered to be) a fantastic deal: a free iPod touch with the purchase of my new laptop!  We bought an additional iPod touch (so we each had one), but they were the first generation models.  Once the second generation touches came out, it was near impossible to find a new case!  Also, the iPod touch originally did NOT have all the app capabilities that it does now!  It was a system update that we had to purchase for $9.99 in order to run apps.  Ha!

iPods 3

Todd won an iPod shuffle at a tech conference we went to a few months back.  The most fun part about this model is a button you can press, and a little computer voice tells you the name of the song and the band.  We like to try to pick obscure death metal band names to see if it works right.  So far, it has!  The best we've gotten are some mispronunciations.

And just a few weeks ago, Todd decided to upgrade his old first gen iPod touch to a current model.  Now, the question is, what do we do with all of these old ones?  What do you do with your old technology?

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  1. Hehee! We still have some of our old iPods, too. I still use my shuffle sometimes, because you just can't beat the tiny size, especially when you're exercising or something like that. I used to give away my old ones to people who didn't have one, but since practically everyone on earth has one now, the older models are starting to pile up around here. Maybe I will post them on freecycle so some kid who doesn't have one can enjoy it.

  2. Freecycle is a good idea... or maybe to a school? Maybe I can ask around to my fellow teachers. There's gotta be a kid around somewhere that'd love one.


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