Fan Art! Woo Hoo!

hell razor fan art

On Tuesday, I received what just might be the most awesome email I've ever received to date.  Megan from Lovely Miss Megs sent me some FAN ART!  It was the coolest feeling ever, and I got all nerdy excited to immediately show a coworker and my brother.

It was actually just the thing I needed after a slew of tiny fails: the heartbreak of not getting accepted into the local craft fair, not getting a new teaching position I had applied for (heck, I didn't even get called for an interview!  double sad!), not getting a certain position on the teacher's union I had wanted (I settled for a different one, not as good, but still...), and of course my "tale of woe" from earlier this week.  That incident actually happened a few weeks ago, but it was funny that I happened to post about it this very same week as the rest... grr!

So, I am DONE with being mad and negative.  From this point forward I vow to turn over a new leaf and not unload my negativity on the blog.  Swear.  I mean, how can I be mad with super awesome artwork like this?

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