DIY Crunk Cup

rhinestone cup

Saturday was my brother's girlfriend's 21st birthday.  Annie was my first "model" for my first Hell Razor photo shoot.  In honor of her birthday, I made her a customized "Crunk Cup."  (Also known as a "Pimp Cup" or "Pimp Chalice" - yes, they actually sell these... good lord.)

It's actually the world's easiest DIY project, because all you have to do is buy a plastic goblet (this one is a wine glass from Target) and a bunch of self-adhesive rhinestones (helloooo there Michaels!) and you're all set.  The crunk cup idea started as a joke, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a perfect 21st birthday accessory, as well as an awesome gag gift.

cup closeup

Seeing as I already have mounds of rhinestones for skull eyes on Hell Razor flower clips, I only had to decide on a scheme and arrangement for the rhinestones.  Oh, I did purchase some shaped crystals, too: the hearts, butterflies, diamonds and such...

cup name

I totally free-handed the letters for the name on this, and it still turned out great!  The only problem is washing... you might want to just gently wipe the inside... or else bye-bye sweet rhinestone action.

How about you?  Have any ridiculously easy DIY gifts to share?

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  1. i love this idea! this would be fun for a partay favor too. like invite everyone over...decorate your own cup...drink out of said decorated cup...be merry...and take home.

  2. Ha! A party favor idea is awesome! Might have to steal that one!


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