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On Friday night, Todd and I went to the Bottom Lounge to see Eyes Set to Kill.  They weren't the headliner, but instead on a bill along with bands named Dr. Acula, Vampires Everywhere!, Get Scared, and the headliner, Aiden.  We didn't stay for Aiden, and we didn't show up until Get Scared was in the middle of their set... perfect timing!  We were able to see ESTK, grab some food, and head home.  I'm such an old lady... but more on that below.

ESTK closer

I had never been to the Bottom Lounge before, and I'm not sure why... but I'm in love!  This is a great small club (oh yeah the sound is kinda stinky, so that part sucks) but I can get close enough to actually see the bands perform.  Also, maybe because this show wasn't sold out, I had room to MOVE.  I wasn't being touched by sweaty shirtless pig dudes.  The place was pretty clean (even the bathrooms were nice!), and they have a big bar when you walk into the concert part.  They also have a big restaurant and bar when you first walk in (it's a separate room), so I'm kinda liking the idea of grabbing a drink in the main bar and then heading into the venue when the band I want to see is ready to start playing...

ESTK red

So yeah, the sound quality was lacking.  Eyes Set to Kill played a very short set.  Maybe that's because there were five bands on the bill?  But I would've liked to hear more.  They played a song from a new EP, and I know I'll go and buy it because I really like their other recordings.  But if I had to base it purely off of the live show, it was, er, lacking... I think because of the lousy sound.  At least I hope that's why.

They played many songs I recognized, like "Broken Frames," "Ticking Bombs," and "Inside the Eye."  I think they played "The Listening," too, but my memory is not the greatest.  I have listened to their albums a lot, so I felt a little sad that they didn't play more!  Seriously, it was a half hour set?  Maybe 40 minutes.  It felt really short.  I could tell that Alexia's voice wasn't used to singing for long shows... or maybe they've been touring for many nights in a row now?  But it was worn out, and I felt bad for her.

Can we talk about moshing for a second here?  I was really excited to be able to stand close and see a band for once, and a bunch of emo hair-in-the-face jackasses decided to push and shove in a very mild, yet very annoying mosh pit.  I had my steel-toe boots on and told Todd that he was gonna have to hold my drink, sweatshirt, and purse so I could run in there and start kicking them all.  Totally ruins the watching and listening experience!!!  I'm here to see the band, not to slam my body repeatedly against your sweaty gross person!  I thought that kind of stuff was only for the pig steroid muscle-heads that go see the Deftones and Slipknot at bigger arenas.  But I was wrong... apparently even skinny emo boys do it too.  BOO!  Moshing is NOT metal.  It's just trying to be macho in a place where I'm just trying to listen to some music and maybe for once actually get to see something over your rude tall heads, jerks!

ESTK blue

Okay, done.  I  know I'm NOT in the majority here, but I just don't "get" moshing.  I never have.  I can't listen to the show if I'm too worried about getting shoved on the ground and trampled.  It's distracting, to say the least.

There were some cute little metal girls (like high school senior maybe?) that were trying to get in on the pit action, but like I said, it was mild compared to a bunch of others I've seen and/or tried to dodge the heck away from while trying to enjoy my musical experience.  It kind of made me smile to see them being all "yeah I'm gonna mosh!" -- um, you ain't seen nothing, girls.  Get out while you can.

So, one of the highlights of the evening for me was grabbing a bite to eat in the restaurant after the ESTK set (since most people were inside waiting for Aiden, it was nice and empty in the restaurant!) and I got falafel and tater tots!  Score.  Oh yeah, that wasn't my point.  The point was that Alexia Rodriguez sat in the booth right in front of us!  We were totally psyched and wanted to say hi and that we loved the set, but then we realized she was sitting there with like seven other family members (at least, they sure looked like family), so we didn't want to bother her or invade her privacy.  So we didn't stop to talk, we just ate our food and went back to the car to go home.  But it was a neat celeb-spotting after the show!

I will totally go back to the Bottom Lounge for another show in the future.  It'll be nice to see if the sound issue was just a fluke or if that's always the case.

So... what's your take on this whole moshing thing?  Am I just an old lady?  Or does it bother you, too?

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  1. OMG it's been ages since I've been to a concert. Well...last June, but still! <3

  2. Erin, I'm shocked I've been to three so recently! It's something that I did when I was younger, but not so much now. If I can get a ticket at a good price, though... I'm for it!

  3. I went to a show recently to support a friend and i noticed myself watching the moshers more than the actual show. it is definitely distracting but when they try to "hardcore" dance it can look pretty funny. if i were actually at a show i wanted to hear the music for, i'd be pretty annoyed trying to dodge the moshers. no doubt

  4. @mannarhea - i agree. too bad most of the music i like is prone to audiences moshing. :(


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