Rotofugi Field Trip


On Monday, Todd and I went on a field trip with our friends Beth and Dylan to Rotofugi - the happiest place on earth!  Rotofugi is a designer toy store.  You can buy from them online and have it shipped to you, too.

I've been wanting to make another trip there for a while, ever since I heard that they had Tokidoki Unicornos in stock!  They're blind-box, so you don't know what you'll get.  I picked out three, figuring that any good collection has at least three items in it.  I ended up with Ritmo, Dolce, and Stellina.

unicorno box

Here's a close-up of Stellina.  I love these cute little guys so much!  I wish I'd bought a few more!  They're not too expensive either (as far as blind-box vinyl toys go) - $6.95 each.  They're all going to live in the Hell Razor art studio with me!


I also picked up one of these cute BFF toys by Kidrobot.  I really wanted the heart + arrow, but the chances of that are usually slim.  I ended up with this cute marshmallow + fork, named "s. morrison & rusty jr."  Get it?  S'morrison?  Smores?!  Ha!


Then, at the register, there's a whole bunch of tiny buttons, stickers, and things of that sort.  I picked out a whole stash of stickers from Tokidoki and Gamma Go.  Also before leaving, I grabbed a spiffy zipper pouch from Blue Q featuring Marshall the marshmallow.  I'm thinking it would make a great pencil pouch or makeup bag, due to its larger size.

If you're in the Chicago area, I cannot recommend highly enough that you make a stop at Rotofugi!  They're located at 2780 N. Lincoln Ave, and open from 11 am to 7 pm every day.  You can call ahead if you're looking for something specific: 773-868-3308.  And, if you're really lucky, one of the Jack Russell terriers might be in-store to say hello.  (Unfortunately, not today, but I've been lucky to see them before!)

Do you live in the Chicago area?  Have a favorite place to shop at?  Let me know!

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Manicure Monday: Silver Shine

motor nails

Motorhead was very interested in my nail polish today.  Look carefully, and you can see a bit of his little pink tongue sticking out.  So cute!

We're on a three-day weekend due to Memorial Day, so I didn't get around to painting my nails until this afternoon.  This week, I've painted my nails with Orly polish in a metallic silver called "Shine."  This is three coats, and I think the coverage is really good!

silver polish

Today, we went on a field trip with our friends to Rotofugi!  It's the most awesome store, filled with vinyl collector toys!  I'm going to share my finds with you tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

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Summer Beverage Idea


Here's a fun idea for a summer beverage:

1 shot Chambord vodka
Cherry (or Diet Cherry) 7-Up soda

Serve over ice in a spiffy glass, and give it a little stir.  It's pretty pink and bubbly, crisp and refreshing for summer barbeques or hanging out with friends!  Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur, and they've now released a Chambord-flavored vodka, which is light in flavor and tinted a pretty pinky-purple flavor.  Expect to pay between $20 - $25 for a bottle, but with only one shot of alcohol per glass, it'll go far.

I'm pretty sure we bought these double old-fashioned glasses at Crate and Barrel, but I couldn't find them online.  I love the thick metallic silver band around the bottom, but alas, I must hand wash them for fear of ruining the silver part!

I am sooooo looking forward to relaxing summer days and cold beverages like this, hanging out with friends, and enjoying life!  What are your summer plans?

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Sound of Saturday: Havok

Havok Time Is Up

So, I've been MIA for a couple of days.  Previously, I've been posting every day, but this week I was not so good.  See, I'm down to my last week of school, so things are nutty crazy busy.  I'm going to try to be better and I have a few things planned for this upcoming week already.

Today I was making my monthly trek to Old Orchard shopping mall to get my eyebrows waxed at Sisters Skin Care and Waxing (they're really good, so if you get the chance to go there, do it!).  It's about at 45 minute drive from where I live, and Todd will usually humor me by coming along.  Today he decided to play his "new favorite album" for me.  It was Time Is Up by Havok.

It's really good, and I instantly knew why he liked it.  It was fast and angry and heavy.  It made me want to punch.  Just in general, by the way.  Sometimes music just makes me wanna punch.  It's also a funny reference to a friend's little boy, who one day wanted to play an imaginary game with Todd.  Todd asked the boy for the rules on how to play, and his response was, "you just gotta punch."  It's kind of become a philosophy of ours.

Havok is a thrash metal band with a lot of great guitar riffs.  I'm only now navigating my way between the delicate balance between different genres of metal (with a lot of help from Todd) and I said to him, "This band seems to have some punk thrown in there," to which Todd informed me is kind of a cornerstone of thrash metal sound.

If you enjoy Slayer, this band is probably one that you'll enjoy.  But then again, I like a lot of bands whose "similar to" sounding bands I cannot stand (damn you Pandora radio, for the last time, I told you that I hate Disturbed!!!).  So you can take this recommendation any way that you like.

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Wardrobe Wednesday: New Hair

full length

You'd think that since I only have three official "Wardrobe Wednesday" posts, I could do without some repeating, but, uh, I guess not.  So you can see my lovely jean jacket again.  I changed my shoes this time though!

Here's my new haircut.  It's an extreme angled cut, and I'm not exactly patient with the round brush, so I let it blow-dry however the heck it wants.  I tried a little bit of flatiron action this morning, but again, patience, so I gave up.  I think it looks just fine.  Less work I say!

I should have told Todd to take more photos form the other side so you could see my pink feather extension.  You can see it a little (the white feather) in the bottom photo on this post.


Outfit deets: leggings, Target.  Black ruffly dress made out of t-shirt material... Kohls, I think?  It's pretty old, and somewhat faded.  But you can't tell here, so it don't matter.  I have a pink & black striped tank on under the dress cuz it's low-cut.  I think that's from H&M a couple summers ago.  And of course my trusty GAP denim jacket with all sorts of buttons on it.  I even have a yellow Hell Razor button on it, from my first batch of buttons.  Right now I have super light purple buttons to give away with orders, but they look almost white.  I'll probably switch it up next order.



SHOES!  My shoes are from Target last summer.  Sorry they're wet here, but the grass I was standing in was wet and Todd thought the photos would look good in the grass against the fence.

I have to tell you a secret.  These shoes are all kinds of heavy metal stud sweetness, but they are not comfortable.  I wore them to work, but slipped into my emergency leopard-printed slipper shoes for the majority of the day.

skull flower

Here's the side of the haircut with the feather extension.  See the white stripe, and tiny bit of pink?  I'll get a close-up next time.  I always like to show some kind of Hell Razor accessory to wear with your outfit, so today I am featuring the Rainbow Peacock Skull Flower Hair Clip and Pin.  I even wore it all rebel style with the feather part sticking towards my face, but I like how it looks on this side.

Have you noticed a trend?  I like to wear leggings over skirts and dresses.  It's all about comfort.  I do actually wear jeans quite a bit, but it never seems fancy enough for a wardrobe post.  But in time... you never know.

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Links Roundup

Check out Hell Razor, out and about on the web...

I was featured on the Tiny Hats Weekly blog:

tiny hats screenshot

and also on Hard Rock Chick.com!:

HRC screenshot

HRC photos

Please let these lovely ladies know that you appreciate their support by visiting their sites and leaving them some comment love! I'm always so excited to see Hell Razor mentioned in other places!

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Manicure Monday: Pink Confetti Glitter

pink sparkle

It's the last FULL week of school, so I decided to go super mega ultra happy this week on my nails in celebration: a bright fun pink shade topped with rainbow glittery sparkly confetti effect!  Our last day is next Friday, June 3rd, but we will have off of school on Monday for Memorial Day, plus Thursday and Friday are slightly shortened days.  So this week truly feels sooooo close to finished!

The base coat (3 coats) is La Paz-itively Hot by OPI.  The top glitter coat (2 coats) is It's Bouquet With Me and is Sephora by OPI nail color.  The glitter shade looks purply in the bottle, but works well over any color, not just purple, which you can see by the photo above.

polish lineup

Although this is the last week of school, it doesn't mean it's any more laid back or less busy.  In fact, it's the opposite!  Wednesday night is the all-school all-year art show, so I'll be running around like crazy.  I'm going to try to schedule a post for Wardrobe Wednesday, but if I don't make it... well, you know why.

Hopefully I do, because I have a new haircut to show you!  I will try to describe, but it certainly won't do it justice.  I went and saw Megan at Rock Razor Scissors on Saturday evening and she cut a good 10 inches (ok, maybe more like 8...) off the back of my head!  The front was left longer... quite a bit longer, actually.  It's a really really angled long cut, and I've decided to let my bangs grow, so I'm combing them to the side instead of the regular blunt fringe across my forehead.  I had my purple re-colored, so it's brighter, but not any different in any other way.

Oh yeah!  I added a feather hair extension!  It's pink, white, and black.  We added it next to my purple stripe on the left side, so it peeks out every so often.  I really love it!  The cool thing is that it gets attached to your hair via a crimped "bead," so if your hair grows and you still want to keep it, the hairdresser can move it up closer to your roots again.  I'm thinking I might need to add one each time I go... making a group of like three of them!  Ha!

So... be on the lookout, if I can get Todd to take some photos for Wednesday I'll make sure to get some hair shots and post them.

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Fan Art! Woo Hoo!

hell razor fan art

On Tuesday, I received what just might be the most awesome email I've ever received to date.  Megan from Lovely Miss Megs sent me some FAN ART!  It was the coolest feeling ever, and I got all nerdy excited to immediately show a coworker and my brother.

It was actually just the thing I needed after a slew of tiny fails: the heartbreak of not getting accepted into the local craft fair, not getting a new teaching position I had applied for (heck, I didn't even get called for an interview!  double sad!), not getting a certain position on the teacher's union I had wanted (I settled for a different one, not as good, but still...), and of course my "tale of woe" from earlier this week.  That incident actually happened a few weeks ago, but it was funny that I happened to post about it this very same week as the rest... grr!

So, I am DONE with being mad and negative.  From this point forward I vow to turn over a new leaf and not unload my negativity on the blog.  Swear.  I mean, how can I be mad with super awesome artwork like this?

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Sound of Saturday: Deftones

deftones diamond eyes

If you're like me, you have special albums that you like to listen to for special purposes.  I love the Deftones album, Diamond Eyes, for when I'm working in the studio, making art.  It's both heavy and mellow at the same time.  It's not "background" music, but it's "zoning out" music.  I find it very relaxing.

Oddly enough, seeing the Deftones in concert (Chicago, Riviera Theater, June 15, 2007) was one of the most mystifying events of my life.  I still can't for the life of me figure out why so many muscle-head crush-your-skull moshers and "bros" were in the audience.  WAY more than I've ever seen at any other show I've been to... and I've been to Ozzfest and a crapload of other hard rock/metal shows.  For some reason, this crowd was scary.  But the music is NOT - it's beautiful!  Ok, ok, ok... I'm a girl here, and to me, saying that hard rock music is beautiful could be seen as offensive or weak to some, but I mean it in a totally positive and complementary way.

Oh wait, here's a better example: the crowd I imagine (but don't know for sure since I wouldn't touch one of these shows with a 10-foot-pole) would be at Disturbed was the audience that I witnessed at the Deftones show.  Does that analogy make more sense?  

Disturbed = douchebag bros and muscle-head sweaty, sticky, mosh-happy drugged/wasted dudes

I didn't expect such a thing at a Deftones show, but there they were.  Yeah, I don't get it either.  Music + crowd don't match.

But anyway, I love the Deftones.  I enjoy listening to them loud and in solitude.  Which makes me think that I should probably get out my headphones and listen to this album at work.  I think it would be fantastic for mellowing out.

Favorite tracks on this album include the title track, "You've Seen the Butcher," "Beauty School," "Rocket Skates," and "This Place is Death."  The sound is heavy but beautiful and ambient and fills the space.  It's echoing, full, big, and dream-like.

How would you describe the Deftones?

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Makeup Case, Part 5


Here it is, the final installment of my makeup case!  I've had a lot of fun sharing my favorite makeup products with you, so I'm sure I'll have to revisit this topic when I acquire new items or other fun beauty products.  Please feel free to give me a shout if you discover something new and amazing in the world of makeup!

eye prime

The first step of applying eyeshadow always starts with some kind of base.  I love MAC paint, which are the tiny tubes you see above.  MAC also has paint pots, which (as the name indicates) are tiny glass pots of their paint product, only firmer.  In lieu of paint, I'll sometimes use another creamy shadow, like Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, as a base before applying powder shadow as a top coat.

mac paint

My favorite base for eyeshadow that I use about 90% of the time is MAC paint in Untitled.  It is a great first layer for virtually any color you'd like to layer on top, so since I usually decide at the last minute what color shadow to use, I start off with this bad boy.  Paint makes my shadow stay on longer (all day, actually!) and prevents the oils on my eyelids from making the shadow crease up.

...And now, on to powder shadow!

KVD Shadow

I own three of the Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes, and I really like them!  The first one I ever bought was the True Romance Collection in Beethoven - that's the large black palette you see.  The tiny one you see was a Beauty Insider 500-point reward.  I was really excited to get that one.  It has a great sparkly purple.  The white & blue palette is one that I can't find on Sephora anymore...  it's a True Romance palette called "Memento Mori."  I love the pale yellow and blue-green shades in that one.

TT shadow

I love Tarina Tarantino.  When the line first came out, I bought Eye Dream Hypershadow in Sweetzer.  It's my favorite green shadow.  I also bought Tokyo Hardcore (the neon green case) to wear along with Sweetzer.  My aunt bought me the purple shade, called Pave.

The big TT eyeshadow palette is one of those purchases I made simply because of the packaging.  It's the Sparklicity Gold Palette (sold at Christmas-time), and honestly, except for the pinky shade, the colors are kind of bleh, especially if you know the kinds of colors I usually wear.  I think I look weird in brown... my eyes look sunken in and sick.

stila shadow

I have a couple of Stila custom palettes.  I like how you can buy whichever shades you want and make your own palette.  The square 4-color palette was chosen for me by the guy behind the counter, and was one of the first makeup palettes I ever bought (hence the neutrals in it).  My all-time favorite frosty white is in that palette.  It's called Moonlight.  The other palette looks brown, but actually has shades that are more gold-ish.  I was on a gold kick and wanted a really vibrant sparkly gold shadow.  Never did find one... anyone?

mac shadow

It will probably come as no surprise when I tell you that my MAC shadows are my favorite.  Above, you can see three palettes I own: Cutie (from the Quite Cute Collection), Lady Justice (from the Wonder Woman Collection), and Too Dolly (from the Hello Kitty Collection).  The Hello Kitty palette is my all-time favorite set.  If you told me that I had to get rid of all my eyeshadow except for one thing, this'd be it.  My favorite pink (Romping) and my favorite blue-green (Too Dolly) are both in it!

other shadow

I do, on occasion, use makeup from other companies, and I love trying out new products!  Above, you can see shadows from (clockwise from top left) Chanel, Becca, Lancome, Urban Decay, Smashbox, and Make Up For Ever.

Below is my giant MAC palette!  It holds 15 shadows, and you can see that I still have room for three more!  Just recently (with my birthday gift card) I bought Chrome Yellow and Swish (a light pink).

mac pallette

...so, there you have it!  The gigantic makeup collection that is mine.  If you decide to create your own blog post about your makeup collection, be sure to send me a link, because I'd love to take a peek into your stash!

Miss an installment?  Here they all are:
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