Work Day.

Today, Todd went to help out at a friend's house, so I've had a whole day to work in the studio by myself.  Normally, I get lonely by myself, but today was pretty darn productive!  Oh, our local radio station is having a 90's weekend, so I've been enjoying a day of pretty decent radio play in the background while I work, and remembering some old forgotten musical gems that I used to love.

First on my "to-do" list was to fix my own personal hair flower, which was unfortunately marred in the rain, way back when my hair was blue.  I made a new skull and glued it where the other one was (Can you see it?  The skull on the right has blue smeary lines on it from my hair).  Good as new!

Above, you can see the workspace in progress.  Hmm, it actually looks neater here, as it was earlier this morning... not so neat right now though!

See?  I told you today was productive!  I actually made more than what you see here!  I love this photo, it looks like a crazy skull flower garden.  Two of these flowers will be available for giveaway soon on another blog!  Make sure you follow Hell Razor here to get full details coming soon...

The flowers above probably don't look very different from what you would typically see me make, but they are.  They're BIG.  A full five inches + in diameter.  When I list them in the Etsy shop, I'll be labeling them as XL flower clips.  I really like how they turned out, and they'll look fantastic on warm weather clothing, or as part of a sweet summer updo.

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  1. Just got done checking out your etsy. You make cute & pretty things!! Thanks for following me! Hope you have a great week. :)

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous! I love the size of them.

  3. Loooove these! So so pretty! x

  4. Thanks ladies! SO glad you like! I'll be listing most of these on Etsy soon.


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