a toy story.

If you've been reading the Hell Razor blog for a while now, it's probably no surprise that Todd and I have a toy collection.  One of our many display spaces is at the bottom of our basement stairs in this sweet Ikea cabinet.  Look carefully, and you can spot Todd's Beavis action figure, Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Pocket Wee Ninja.  Our toy collection is a combination of vinyl art toys and  fun toys from our childhood.  Below are photos of a few favorites.

This is a collection of wind-up robot toys that were once sold at Robot World in Wisconsin Dells.  I don't think Robot World exists anymore, which is a shame because the idea was really cool.

DJ Lance Rock Dunny! I special-ordered this one from Kidrobot just before Christmas time, out of fear that he'd sell out and I'd never own one.  I love Yo Gabba Gabba, and was really excited a few years ago when Todd and I got to take our nieces to see Yo Gabba Gabba live at the Rosemont Theater.  What a great show.

These are my Tokidoki pups, Skeletrino and Skeletrina.

This is one of my favorite Dunnys, and I got it from a blind box!  How lucky!  I thought the sparkle rhinestones were cool.  It's from the Dunny Fatale series (all the artists are female in this series - how cool!), and this one is by Aiko.

This little chomper plush guy was a purchase from Oh No! Doom! while at C2E2.  His name is "Fluffy Bad Bad." I couldn't pass up this little guy for three reasons:
  1. He was cute and plushy.
  2. He has holes in the back to make him "chomp" like a puppet.
  3. He has little pink buttcheeks.

Know where's a great place to shop for your toys?  Rotofugi in Chicago!  They're at 2780 N Lincoln Avenue and open from 11 am to 7 pm 7 days a week.  You can also shop online.  I do love going there in person, because I always find something new and fun.  They also have two little Jack Russell terriers that chill out in the store and let you pet them.

Attached to the Rotofugi store is the gallery where they exhibit work from current artists and hold opening events where you can meet the artists and get your work signed.  Fun!  There's always something awesome to see.

Do you have a toy collection?  What's your favorite item?

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