Sound of Sunday: Nine Inch Nails

As I mentioned yesterday, Nine Inch Nails is my all-time favorite band.  So I've been really wanting to do a "Sound of..." post on one of their albums, but didn't want to be all fangirl about it.  Recently, the Pretty Hate Machine album was remastered and re-released (November of 2010).  Although I already owned the original version, I still felt compelled to purchase the CD and vinyl copies of the new release.  (Oh yeah, have I mentioned my love of vinyl records?  I sort of have a section of our vinyl collection dedicated to just the NIN releases... it's pretty impressive, if you care about that sort of thing.  I even own The Fragile and The Downward Spiral on vinyl - hard to find!)

Above is the cover artwork for the remaster, as re-imagined by Rob Sheridan, NIN webmaster.

Here's the original artwork.  I'm kinda partial to the pink and turquoise combo, but it's a purely nostalgic thing.

Pretty Hate Machine is my favorite Nine Inch Nails album, but the first album I ever owned was The Downward Spiral.  Being that I just turned 32, I was in high school back when TDS came out... so PHM is actually a little bit before my time.  Regardless, I quickly picked up on it, and it became my most favorite of all the albums to date.  Could be because I'm kind of partial to the electronic beats and danceability of the overall sound... plus, it has so many great songs!  "Head Like a Hole," "Down In It," "Sin," "Terrible Lie..." By the way, did you see that RockBand has a track pack you can buy from this album?  

The remixed sound of Pretty Hate Machine is great.  I'm not a sound expert, nor am I a music expert (in case you couldn't tell from my previous "Sound of..." posts and tendency to go off-topic...), but I know what I like.  And what I love.  And this is it.  So, have a Hell Razor kind of day by blasting the album on REPEAT.  

And don't forget to close the blinds so the neighbors don't see you dancing all weird like that.  Thanks.

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  1. NIN is awesome! Trent is also not bad for the eye lol

  2. My husband and I were fortunate enough to meet him the week before our wedding, which was cool because he congratulated us on our nuptials! :)


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