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I've always wanted to be in my own girl rock band.  It started in middle school with Def Leppard.  I decided that I was going to marry Joe Elliott, but the way I was going to make this happen was to learn to play guitar and be a cool rock chick like Lita Ford.  Then I could befriend the guys in the rock bands and play music with them and eventually meet Joe Elliott.  I'm not sure how that was supposed to turn into marrying him, but I was in middle school and didn't really have that part all figured out yet.

Funny, it never occurred to me that there were groupies who also got to meet the guys in the bands.  I just decided I had to be cool and play guitar (yayy me - who knew I was so smart?).  So, for my 8th grade graduation, I decided to pool all of my gift money and buy an electric guitar.  My mom agreed to pay for lessons if I bought the guitar.  It lasted for about two years... I quit taking lessons at the end of my sophomore year of high school.  Needless to say, I am a big music fan, but not too talented when it comes to actually playing music on my own.

So, this leads me to this week's "Sound of Saturday" post.  I've chosen In This Moment's A Star-Crossed Wasteland.  Maria Brink is the vocalist in this band, so in my mind it makes it a girl rock band.  Better yet, a girl metal band.  So I wish I could trade places with Maria Brink for a day.  It'd be so much fun.

I like all of the In This Moment albums, but I chose this one because it's the most recent (July 2010).  My favorite songs are the most heavy ones, like The Gun Show and Just Drive.  I'm not so much of a fan of the slow songs... they're not bad, it's just that most of the time if I'm listening to metal, I want to listen to METAL. Loud and fast.  Not monster ballads.  I enjoy the fact that Maria Brink can get all gutteral in her singing like metal guys can.

Oddly enough, my most favorite In This Moment song of all time is not found on this album.  It's their cover of the Blondie song, Call Me.  Yeah, not very metal in the traditional sense, but way way tons of fun.  When I first downloaded it I listened to it (yep just the one song) on repeat in the car on the way to work.  That's a 20 minute drive or so.  But the song is so damned catchy!

Call Me

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  1. i'm in love with you for posting this. i have listened to Call Me like three times and i'm about to venture into their actual album. i love bad ass rocker chicks with tattoos!


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