Sound of Saturday: Eyes Set to Kill

When I decided that I wanted to do this week's "Sound of..." post on Eyes Set to Kill, I looked up their band's website in order to link to it.  I was SO EXCITED to discover that they're playing a show here in Chicago on Friday May 13th!  It's at the Bottom Lounge, which I actually haven't been to yet, but they have a ton of awesome bands (Todd and I were just lamenting that we're gonna miss Dillinger Escape Plan there tonight!) that play there, and the ticket prices are reasonable.  I paid $12 each for the upcoming show, with a $6 service charge... $30 for two people to go to a show?!  Score!

I love bands with girls in them (I guess it's a feminist thing), so I was really excited to hear about Eyes Set to Kill back when their last album was out, called The World Outside.  That was their second album, and Broken Frames is actually the third studio album.  I enjoy the third album the most, which is why I'm featuring it on the post.  Broken Frames is the most heavy out of the two albums I've listened to, and features the female vocal part more.  Sisters Anissa and Alexia Rodriguez are two of the band's founding members, which is also super cool.  I never had a sister growing up, but always wanted one.  How awesome would it be to have a sister that starts a metal band with you?

I first heard this band on MTV Headbangers Ball (Ha ha yes it's still around.  It kinda sucks, but it's still around.  Todd DVRs it, and we fast forward through about 95% of it each week.  Every once in a while we find something sweet, like this.) and I was super psyched to see a girl in the band, let alone two girls (I think it was the video for Heights, from The world Outside).  But then I started listening to the music, and it really sucked me in.  The guitars riffs are really catchy and heavy, and I've always thought that a female vocal over super heavy sound is such a great juxtaposition in music, so that's part of their formula that makes me really like what I hear.

If you like In This Moment, who I wrote about a few weeks back, I think you'll really like Eyes Set to Kill.  They're of a similar cut, although I would consider Eyes Set to Kill as more rock, whereas In This Moment would be a little more epic and symphonic?  I'm sure I'm using these terms incorrectly (as I am not a trained music writer nor am I a musician), but I know what I like and this is the best description I can give... I just like to share music that I like.  And I think you'll like this one.

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  1. Oh man, Headbangers Ball!! I had no idea that was still around! I remember watching that all the time when I was young--that and 120 minutes were my mainstays. :D

    P.S. Thank you for the stickers! My desk, my daughter's guitar, and our car look a lot more awesome suddenly. :)


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