Polka Dot Cupcake Nails DIY

Here's this week's Easter and cupcake-inspired nail polish.  I got to show them off at the Easter celebration at my mom's house yesterday.  I was thinking that this technique could be used with a variety of different colors to achieve different effects and themes.  So, I present you with DIY instructions to recreate the look on your own!  (Please note, these instructions are specific to the exact look you see above.  Please use artistic freedom and tweak this design as you see fit!)

First, you have to gather up your supplies.  For my nails, I used Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat (as a top coat, duh), Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 02 Green With Envy,  Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 470 Bubblegum Pink, OPI in What's With The Cattitude? (see last week for more on that one), and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri fast dry nail color in 10 Lightening.

Ok, so I didn't actually take photos as I was painting my nails.  I wasn't actually sure it was going to turn out, but it did.  So above, you see my cartoony template for base coat colors and how I placed them.  You, of course, could choose to use the same base coat on all of your nails, or you could switch up the color location any way you wanted.  Don't matter to me, but if you're looking to copy my look, there's the map.

After the base coat dries, I then used Q-tips to dab spots of color onto each nail.  This is a fake re-enactment of it you see above here.  The real story is that I used FOUR Q-tips, one for each color, on a paper towel to keep the mess down.  I applied one color at a time and let it dry before doing the next set of spots.  I dabbed the Q-tip onto the nail polish brush while it was loaded with polish, and tried to keep the polish on the very tip of the Q-tip (to keep the spots more circular).  Each nail has the remaining 3 colors on it in spot/splotch form.

After properly spotting them all up, I slapped on a clear top coat.  By the way, I do this while watching TV.  That way I'm not compelled to get up and do other stuff and mess up my nails.  It's also right before I go to bed, so they can fully "cure" overnight.  The thumbs turned out the most cute, being that they have the most surface area.  Also, certain colors worked better at showing up brightly, like the pink and yellow.  I was thinking it might be fun next time to throw some white polish into the mix.  If you do, share some pics, ok?  

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  1. LOVE this! i'm really horrible at left hand nail painting...my dots on the right hand would not look as good as yours!

  2. I've been meaning to try something like this for a while now, but with black and white. I wasn't sure how to get good-looking dots on there, though. Thanks for the tip! ^_^

  3. The dots are a little bit big for my liking, but I still enjoy the final turnout very much. Somebody has to make mini q-tips!

  4. Jen!!! I Love how they came out!! I am going to try it RIGHT now, let you know!! XO :D


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