New Nails, New Ring, New Giveaway!

This week's nails are one of my favorite colors.  It's a light pastel blue by OPI called "What's With The Cattitude?"  I think it was from their special Shrek line, which made me think twice before I purchased it,  but I really like the color in spite of the lame movie tie-in.

Do you like my new ring?  It was a gift from my mom and dad for my birthday!  It's a Betsey Johnson nautical star double ring and I can't even put into words how much I love it!  My fingers are kinda chubs, so I love the fact that the ring doesn't actually go all the way around, making it somewhat adjustable.  Plus, the center ring (for your middle finger) is slightly larger than the other ring, making it perfect for how people's fingers actually are. I own one other double ring, and it was a real pain in the you-know-where to get it adjusted to fit right.  But not this one!

The stars show up between the fingers, as opposed to right on top of your fingers like a traditional ring does.  I'd never seen anything like this before, but then I saw this post today from The Clothes Horse which features a giveaway for a floating hearts ring that works just like this one.  Go figure...!

Speaking of giveaways, Erin of My Beautiful Disaster has a Hell Razor skull flower giveaway going on right now, and she's got TWO to give away!  Check her out in her new Hell Razor flower clip.  Isn't she cute?!  Go to her post and leave a comment about your favorite item from the Hell Razor Etsy shop on her blog to enter!

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  1. i LOVE that nail color!! and i entered to win, your stuff is SO cute!!!

  2. That ring is pretty awesome! And I'm glad I can host your giveaway!!

  3. i'm a new follower from over at my beautiful disaster, & duuuude I'm in LOVE with your shop! even did a post about it for tomorrow... hopefully soon i will be an reliable customer as well! :D

  4. Thanks Erin! I've gotten a lot of new followers b/c of you!


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