New Bows Giveaway!

So, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, it's my birthday today!  So, as I tell my students, I think you should bring treats to share on your birthday.  I brought them fruit roll-ups. :)

But for all of you, my treats come in the form of a giveaway via Cuppy's blog, "Some Girls are Bigger Than Others," and I'm giving away TWO new bows!  The red one is felt, and the black skully one is velvet.

They normally sell for $8 each vie the Hell Razor Etsy shop, but you can win BOTH for FREE!  Check out the rules and how to enter (you gotta go window shopping in order to enter... yayy!) here on Cuppy's blog post.  Thank you Cuppy for teaming up with me on this!  It's super exciting to discover new Hell Razor friends!

Good Luck! - Tomorrow, in honor of the birthday weekend festivities,  I'll be posting a "Sound of Sunday" on my all-time favorite band - Nine Inch Nails.  Stay tuned!

p.s. When I logged into Etsy today, I had the following message at the top of my screen:

How cool?!

now playing:


  1. I love your Etsy shop so much! I cannot wait to get some of your bows next week when I get paid. They are absolutely adorable. Also, really enjoying reading your blog :). Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like the stuff I make!


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